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China Internship Program

China internship program

Gi2C China internships are not created equal. The Best jobs in China are never advertised. Interns in China get special access to China back door jobs. Your future starts now and you came to the right place. Learn how you can put your career on steroids in just 90 days...



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Chinese Language Program

Chinese Language Program

NiHao PengYou! Bi-Lingual foreigners are in huge demand in China and when you intern with Gi2C your Chinese lessons will help you take full advantage of your China adventure. Not only on the job, but in your social life. Our Chinese instructors rated in the top 50...



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Thanks to you and your wonderful program

„This program has changed my life forever. I feel that I finally have the confidence, experience and project backing to secure the job of my dreams. “

Arion, Grand Valley State University

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Everyone should come to China at least once

„ I worked in a company specialising in Far East Asian Tax and did learn a lot about the tax systems in these countries. Hats off to GI2C; they did a great job! “

Abbas, The University of York

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