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Gi2C is a member of
Gi2C is a member of

Gi2C’s mission is to create a community of resources bridging the gap between those who need help and those who want help. We are not only a full service internship provider but also a group of like-minded people with knowledge and expertise about providing quality service and real world international work experience. Our goal is to help students and young professionals not only get into China but also to help them understand China and Chinese business culture. We provide tailor-made opportunities for interns to work for companies based in China. Our sponsor companies continue to grow as we are able to provide a melting pot of diverse international talent and consulting services.

Gi2C is China’s foreign-owned internship provider, which has successfully placed thousands of professional interns since 2008 with over 400+ MNCs, SMEs, and Start-up Companies across China.

Our expertise comes from selective recruitment of both our corporate sponsors and our foreign interns. We are always searching for those willing to make meaningful career commitment and interns who will make a good impression with our corporate partners. The focus is always quality and not quantity. This is why, our interns have given us an 8.9 score out of 10. 60% of our new business comes from referrals and this is probably not a coincidence.

Our staff is conscientious and sincere. They care about your needs and your concerns. They want your China adventure to be safe, fun, and problem-free. From your housing to your visa, to your internship placement, we make sure everything is done right and proper.

Best of all, our interns will have a memorable time participating in networking and social activities that are diverse and exciting. You will be able to make new contacts and get exposed to Chinese culture and witness 5,000 years of rich and magnificent history.

Gi2C welcomes you to the Middle Kingdom and we urge you to fully enjoy the mystery and magic of this ancient land. If and when you need advice or help, our hotline is always available to you 24/7.

Gi2C Group is happy to announce that we are a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in China as well as the China-British Business Council. This cooperation will certainly benefit more students and graduates to find desired opportunities in China. You can also see us on Wikipedia.

Our past interns testimonials you can find on our YouTube page.

Thank you for putting your trust in confidence in Gi2C. We will do our very best to make your international career launch in China both a memorable and fun experience.

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