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Having the right accommodations is key if you want to succeed at your internship. At Gi2C, we offer our Optimum Internship Program Package interns a housing assistance. The hotel-style apartments are clean, functional, meet Western standards and come with a daily set of fresh towels and bed linens. Those who opt for our Light Internship Program Package must find accommodations on their own.

Interns should make use of the four weeks to look for subsequent accommodations for the remainder of their internships and stay in China. We at Gi2C can help you find accommodations that suit your needs and budget. Often, interns will find accommodations with other interns and live as roommates, and we encourage you to do the same. Renting an apartment with other interns is great value for your money, not to mention fun! Check out some photos below of some accommodations in Beijing and Shanghai. Prices vary depending on location, quality, apartment amenities and number of rooms.


Gi2C Accommodations in Beijing


(Cost averages between 700USD ~ 2000USD per month)

A private apartment is for one occupant and is not a roommate situation like the description above. In Beijing or Shanghai, you can find a one-room apartment (a bachelor pad or studio) or a one-bedroom apartment with a separate living room. Keep in mind that studio or one-bedroom apartments in these three cities do not come cheap. Also available are serviced apartments that are run like hotels and come with cleaning services and other hotel-like amenities (see the serviced apartment description above).

Gi2C private room in shared apartment in Shanghai

(Average about $350 USD per month long term. Average $650USD per month short term)

Interns often share an apartment together or with other expats and/or locals. You have your own bedroom and share the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Many two or three-bedroom apartments come with their own bathroom. Expect to pay more for such a room. One popular website to search for such an accommodation is


hotel apartment in China - Gi2C


HOTEL (Costs about $30 USD ~ $180 USD per day)

Hotels in China, like elsewhere, range from the cheap to the lavish. If you’re on a tight budget, you can find hotels that are sparsely furnished but clean. Popular low-budget chain hotels include Hanting and ibis. For more extravagant accommodations, the usual international players are all here.

Gi2C China Hostel housing for interns

HOSTEL (Costs about $8 USD ~ $10 USD per day)

China’s got hostels where some are good value for your buck – clean, comfortable, tourist friendly; others – like in any other country - can be downright frightening. Still, hostels continue to be a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends. You can pay for your own room or share with others in a dormitory-like set up.



The best way to experience Chinese culture (and practice those Mandarin skills!) is through a homestay. This option continues to prove immensely popular year after year. Homestay families are middle to upper class and delight in sharing their home with visitors from across the globe. You’re given your own private bedroom and two to three meals a day. Meals consist of local dishes and vary depending on the region from which the host family hails (a large percentage of those who reside in Beijing and Shanghai are from elsewhere in China). Families reside near public transportation, usually a subway station, so you can easily and conveniently travel to work. All host families are carefully screened and their homes are inspected to ensure quality standards are met.



Homestay for native English Speaker

Homestay for non-native English Speaker

850RMB per week

1200RMB per week


To apply for homestay in China, $85 USD application fee in advance is required.

Homestay for interns in China with Gi2C

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