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China Internship Program orientation days

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If you’ve just arrived in Beijing or Shanghai for your Gi2C internship, what will your first few days in China be like?

All new Gi2C interns arrive in China on a Thursday at the start of each month. After dropping off your things, you’ll be able to rest and hopefully recover from jet lag for the remainder of the day. On Friday, you’ll be invited to an orientation meeting at the Gi2C office. Here you will sign some final paperwork and exchange phone numbers with Gi2C staff to ensure you always have someone on speed dial who can help you with whatever questions you may have while living in China’s two mega cities.

You’ll get to meet your peers and fellow adventurers and then our Gi2C staff will cover some important topics such as:


  • First Days (at the internship)
  • Life in Beijing or Shanghai
  • Transportation 
  • Shopping
  • Safety
  • Food
  • Holidays
  • Do’s and Don’ts 


As a participant of Gi2C internship program you will be required to take mandatory Mandarin language classes to help you with your stay in China. This is mandatory for maintaining your X2 visa status.

After orientation one of our Gi2C staff members will take all interns to handle any errands they may have concerning mobile phones, banking issues etc.

You’ll then have a full day (Sunday) to explore on your own before being dropped off at your new company and officially starting your internship on Monday. Enjoy your time in China and your Gi2C internship! 


Need any Help or Advice?

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