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China Visa Processing

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China visa processing is not included in Gi2C Program. We will however assist you in handling the visa process. What does that mean, you might ask? Below is the list of things we do to guide you through the process.

With Gi2C you get our assistance in:

Providing participants with an invitation letter from the language school you will attend.


Problems You May Face

Because for some countries getting a visa can be a challenging task, we provide tips and contacts to overcome some of these difficulties.

  • If you are a citizen of the following countries or applying in these countries, you are likely to get your visa with no complications: 
    • Canada, USA, or Australia
  • If you are a citizen of the following countries or applying in these countries, you are unlikely to get a visa to China or might not get the desired duration of your visa: 
    • Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, France, Ghana, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
  • If you are a citizen of the following countries or applying in these countries, you are likely to experience issues in getting the right type of visa. 
    • UK, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Thailand, Morocco, South Korea, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil. 

If you fall under one of these categories, here are some tips that may help you to get a visa:  

Issue: The embassy refused to issue a visa for the duration longer than 30 days: (Recently happened in the UK, Thailand, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, India)


  1. Try to apply for a double-entry visa. It allows you to stay in China longer as you leave and re-enter before your visa's expiration date.


Issue: The embassy requires additional documents you are not able to provide:

Tips: Apply through a visa agency, it can make the whole process to go faster and easier.  


Issue: The embassy declined to issue the right type of visa. (Recently happened in France, Netherlands) 

Tips: Apply through a visa agency in your town. They can send your documents to a different embassy. 


Issue: The visa officer is recommending you to apply for a Z visa. 

Tips: Z visa is a type of visa issued to those being hired for a full-time position. You have to provide a completely different package of documents (that need to be issued in China and require you to reside and already work in China). This type of visa is issued to foreign experts with at least two years of proven experience and a bachelor’s degree.


We recommend you apply through a visa agency in order to help you apply for the right type of visa. 


Contact list:

Visa agencies in Europe:

1. http://www.chinesevisa.info/index.htm (UK)

2. http://www.servisum.de/ 

Visa agencies in China:

1. http://visashanghai.com/

2. http://visainchina.com/

Visa agencies in Hong Kong:

1. http://www.fbt-chinavisa.com.hk/