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Chinese Language Training in Beijing and Shanghai – Many Convenient Lessons & Tutoring Options For Gi2C Interns:

Chinese Language Training For Business Or Pleasure!

As China re-emerges once more as a global economic power, there’s been growing interest around the world in learning the country’s language, Mandarin. Universities in the West and Asia are rushing to add Chinese language courses to their curricula, and China is home to an increasing number foreigners from across the globe who flock to the Middle Kingdom to study Mandarin.

The reason is obvious. As China’s political and economic influence continues to grow, the advantages to speaking Mandarin – spoken by China’s population of 1.3 billion – means creating more opportunities both professionally and personally.

At Gi2C, we believe that learning Mandarin in China is far more fun than sitting in a classroom back home in Toronto, London, Sydney or Moscow, which is why we offer Mandarin Chinese language training to ensure you get the most out of your internship and time in China.

Whether you are interning in Beijing or Shanghai, Gi2C can provide you affordable Mandarin Chinese lessons from fully bilingual local instructors who can teach you basic survival Chinese in 30 days or have you talking like a native in six months with an immersion program scheduled for your convenience. Whether you need to study after work, on the weekends, or in the morning, you’ll get the best training from our instructors, who are well known in China for their patience and excellent teaching ability. For maximum convenience we even offer 1-to-1 tutoring and online classes as well.

Why Learn Mandarin Chinese?

Mandarin is different from Latin, Germanic and some other Asian languages in two major respects. First, the language is tonal. This means that each syllable in a sentence requires that you inflect your invoice in a particular way to express meaning. Second, written Mandarin is composed of thousands of symbols or ‘characters.’ Unlike in Western languages, there is no alphabet. The combination of tones and characters means you’ll approach the language in a completely different fashion from learning a language like English or French. No doubt, learning Mandarin is an excellent way to enrich your understanding of Chinese culture.


Learn Mandarin - Study Chinese in China


For employers back home, having some Mandarin language proficiency ensures your resume stands out from the pack. Companies today are increasing “going global,” and that means all eyes are on China. Job candidates with Mandarin skills and experience in China are attractive for employers today.

Best of all, learning Mandarin while pursuing your internship will undoubtedly win you points with your Chinese colleagues. Chinese people are proud of their language and light up when non-Chinese study it. Your colleagues will be impressed with your Mandarin ability, whether beginner or advanced. When you study the language, you’re letting your Chinese friends and colleagues know that your appreciation of their culture is beyond a superficial level.


How Learning Mandarin can improve your China internship job


Furthermore, an increasing number of local companies require job candidates to have some Mandarin proficiency. While plenty of jobs and internships in China require that applicants only speak English, Mandarin is widely seen as an asset. Meetings and conference calls are often conducted in Mandarin, and while more and more Chinese are learning English, a great many professionals still have a low grasp of the language.

John Huntsman, former United States Republican Presidential Candidate, and Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, both speak Mandarin and were known to wow Chinese officials with their language skills.

At Gi2C, we want you to ‘wow’ everyone with your Mandarin Chinese. Complement your internship with a Chinese language program catered to your schedule and needs.

Make the most out of your time and your international internship in China. Learn Mandarin with Gi2C.

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Gi2C Mandarin Chinese Language Program