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FAQs about General Information

Why Should I Participate In an Internship in China?

As you know China is rising in the international forum and prominent economists believe, as do we that over the course of the next 100 years global economic power will shift from the U.S. and Europe to Asia, with China leading the way. By taking part in an international internship, you will greatly enhance your potential for long term future employment for many international companies.

Entrepreneurs, experts, artists, innovators, creators, and leaders in commerce and creativity - they must understand China and China must understand them. You may know Shanghai as a hub of global business and finance, but do you also know about the city’s exploding skateboard culture and contemporary arts scene? Beijing and Shanghai are centres of controlled chaos and excitement with as much opportunity as there is contradiction.

In what cities do Gi2C offer internship programs?

We offer internships in Beijing and Shanghai. For more information about our Internship programs in China, please Visit Our Page Here

Who participates in Gi2C programs?

We attract University students and recent graduates with ambitious talents looking to gain industry-specific work experience or international career in China. People who are trying to enrich or discover their career path, in a new and rewarding way. Each month we help a wide range of committed Interns and welcome people from across Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, India, South America, and beyond.

Will I be able to learn Chinese during my internship?

Absolutely and we encourage you to do so. Learning the lingo will not only help you get the most out of your day to day experience in China, but it’s an incredible marketable skill to bring back home with you. Participating in our international internship program with the additional language classes, you’ll be on your way to experiencing the many great things China has to offer. So whether you’re considering learning or simply improving your mandarin Chinese, where better to learn then in China!

What are the minimum requirements to apply for an internship in China?

Our China internship program is available to individuals over the age of 16. Understand that the use of Mandarin Chinese is an advantage, however it is not a requirement. We do require all applicants to speak English at a working level as well as pass a screening process. (This will be given as you proceed moving forward).
Please note that when you enroll for our international internship program, approval is also dependent upon securing a visa from your Chinese Embassy. If you meet all of the requirements, you could eventually be on your way to achieving your International career!

Which China Internship Program is best for me?

For anyone that applies for an Internship, you will start your application by filling out an online-application form where you will be asked for when and how long you would be available for participating in the China Internship Program and which program you would like to pursue. According to your application form, you will then be contacted by Gi2C and given advice on your final program selection after we have a better understanding with regards to your current status.

The international internship packages we provide are the best for those with minimal exposure to China. It is also the best choice for applicants looking for a structured regime and support during their transition into China. All of our Interns attend orientation the day after they arrive. You will be provided with a welcome package and at Gi2C we will assist you in securing your internship as well as your visa, and then it’s up to you to venture your new life in the Middle Kingdom.

For more information about our China Internship Programs you can visit our page here

When do the programs start?

Please visit our prices and starting dates page for the list of recent starting dates.

Are there any vaccinations I need before I arrive to China?

We suggest that you consult with your local GP or physician, as you may be required to take vaccinations for Hepatitis and Tetanus.

Are there any special rules when booking my flight to China?

YES! Please book your flights from 9am-6pm to ensure that there will be someone to pick you up at the airport. It is best to book your flight after you secure your visa. Make sure that your flights arrive to either:

Beijing Capital Airport (PEK)
Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG)

Please feel free to use these reliable websites when looking for affordable flights:

How much money will I need for my stay in China?

It really depends on the lifestyle you choose to live. The cost of living can range from as low as 50RMB ($8 USD) per day to 300RMB+ ($50 USD) a day. This does not include your housing or shopping costs so we recommend that you find a balance suitable to your needs.

Will I have help if I encounter any problems in China?

Absolutely, there are people here to help assist you should any problems arise once you arrive in China. You are welcome to call or visit our offices in any of our locations. So help is always at hand should you need any help.

Are there ways to supplement my income whilst in China?

There are a few ways you can earn a little spending cash during your stay in China. There are always people looking to be tutored in English as well as some other languages. Translating can also be a rewarding way to earn some quick cash.

FAQs about your visa

Can I travel in and outside of China with my visa?

The short answer is YES! It’s very easy for you to be able to travel with any visa inside of China, but going in and out of the country will depend on the number of entries that your visa allows.

Is it possible for an L-tourist visa to be converted to another type of visa without leaving China?

Not at present. Any changes made to the visa type requires applicants to leave Mainland China. But we also advise to double check as visa regulations are subject to change.

Is it possible to extend my visa once I have arrived in China?

Yes, it is possible, but a lot of it will depend on what nationality you are, as well as the time period in which you do it, as policies are always changing. Also the city in China you are in is a factor. For example in Shanghai it is difficult to extend visas but in Beijing it is much easier. Normally you can extend your visa 2x, however there is no set regulation to determine how or if it will be approved. The renewal process lasts between 1-2 weeks.

Where do I go to apply for a visa in my own country?

Check online and look for the nearest Chinese Embassy in your country. If you’re trying to get an L-tourist visa from a Chinese visa service, then all you need to do is to get the application form, fill it out, and send it back in. You usually can get your visa within two weeks of filling out the online application. If you are looking to get an M visa, then you will need to have an invitation letter provided by your internship company which we will obtain for you.

What kind of visa should I try and apply for?

If you are only coming to China for a small period of time (1-3 months) it would be best to go through a China visa service to apply for an L-tourist Visa for 30/60/90 days. For the purpose of our internship program you will need to apply for an X2 Student visa.

FAQs about Accommodations

I have a limited budget, what options do I have for accommodations?

There are several high-quality hostels located within the city centre. Hostels provide bed and breakfast and are a very popular options for those who need to save money whilst also needing a place to relax, have a meal, and get some rest. Also there are many affordable rooms for rent in shared apartments

How long will it take to find a suitable apartment?

Normally it can take up to two weeks to find suitable housing. But we recommend you get started as soon as possible.

If I want to rent a private apartment, do I have to pay any agency fees?

Normally agencies charge a one month renting fee, but it depends completely on the apartment itself. Please contact us for more details regarding this matter.

If I choose the homestay option, how will food be provided?

The host family will provide you with two to three meals per day.

FAQs about Pricing

Is accommodation already included in the price?

Gi2C no longer provides accommodation.

Are airplane tickets and medical insurance included in the price?

It will be your responsibility to purchase medical insurance and airplane tickets. Cheap tickets can be found on www.cheaptickets.com www.studentuniverse.com or www.ctrip.com. Medical insurance and plane tickets are NOT included in our price.

Do I have to pay any fees before I know which company I would be placed?

For all our internship programs we require a processing fee (refundable) to be paid in advance to officially subscribe for your chosen program option. This fee is required by candidates before Gi2C starts working on guaranteed offers within applicants’ selected industry either in Beijing or Shanghai. Please note that this fee is separate from your program fee and will not be deducted. The processing fee you secure with us will be refunded if we are unable to find you an internship placement within 30 business days prior to your departure date or within 45 days of finalizing your subscription (whichever is later).

When do I have to make a full payment for the program?

The whole program fee has to be paid within 10 consecutive days from the date you accept your placement offer. Late payments prior to deadline are subject to a 100 USD weekly surcharge. However, we do offer a payment plan for candidates who are not able to fulfill the fixed payment rules. Candidates approved for payment plan will be given full details of payment option after the acceptance of a company placement. For all participants, the whole program fee has to be completed 30 days before their arrival in China to make sure the invitation letter from the sponsor company could be issued. Under no circumstance will an invitation letter be issued without complete payment of the internship program. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that the payments by bank transfer is possible and can be done on time from his/her bank account or to find alternative ways of making the bank transfer before arrival to China.

In which currency do I make the payment?

Payment can be done in EUR, USD or CNY.

What payment options are available?

Payment can be made via bank transfer, credit card (only processing fee), PayPal (only processing fee), YooPay (only processing fee), Western Union or cash.

FAQs about Applying

What happens after I submit my application form?

After you submit the Online Application Form, you will be contacted by our Internship Program Consultant within 48 hours.

For more information regarding the application process, please Click Here.

If I apply with Gi2C, will it be guaranteed that I will get an internship position?

As long as you are selected for our program after your application, you can expect a 90% success rate for an ideal matching placement. We would work out a guaranteed placement for you within the industry you’re interested in within 45 days after you officially subscribe to our program or 45 days before your departure to China.

Can you accept high school/college students for one of your programs?

Yes we can accept young students to take part in all our programs if you are at least 16. Please contact us to get more information.

Do I have to pay any application fee in order to submit the form?

Submitting an online application form is totally Free. If you were to be selected for a China Internship Program, you would need to pay a refundable processing fee to confirm your application for a guaranteed placement in China.

I’m disabled can I still apply for your internship program?

YES! We do not discriminate, as long as you are able to get around independently and can perform your work duties you will be accepted. (China is not the most handicapped accessible place)

Can I still apply for an internship program if I already live in China?

If you are a foreigner already living in China and have a valid visa you may apply for our international internship program. If you are a Chinese national you may also apply.

FAQs about our Internship Program

Can I apply for the internship program if I don’t speak any Chinese?

In short yes! Most interns are visiting China for the first time and have never studied Chinese before. Our international staff will be working with you during your internship program, and there will be English-speaking employees at the companies where interns are placed.

Beijing or Shanghai?

In both cities, Gi2C is able to offer internships in almost any industry, from start-ups to multi-national corporations.

Shanghai, as a commercial center in China, might be a good choice for those interns seeking to develop their career in finance and international business.

Beijing, on the other hand, is a city of contrasts. It is a good place to explore Chinese culture, art, tradition and history. However, as one of the world’s largest cities, Beijing is home to numerous international companies spread across many different industries.

What will I receive upon the completion of my internship?

A certificate and letter of recommendation from your host company will be given to you upon completion of your internship program. You must request a letter of recommendation from your internship company. International experience will look good on your resume and will help you get a job in your chosen field.

Are interns paid for their internships in China?

Our internship program in China provides an opportunity for people to experience working in the global economy. This is an educational program designed for interns to get work experience in their profession of choice. There are some costs involved to participate in our programs, however some of our partner companies are willing to provide a monthly allowance that can support your stay. The amount depends on a variety of things, such as the industry, duration of the internship, your qualifications etc…

Do companies or the interns pay the cost of the international internship program for China?

Interns will have to pay the whole cost of the program. However most of our partner companies are willing to provide a monthly allowance that can support your stay. Click here to learn more about our prices & program starting dates.

How long does the program last?

Generally, our internship program in China lasts between one and three months, depending on the needs of the individual companies. Specific requirements for the duration of the internship can be still satisfied based on your status and the placement availability. With the 3 month program you will also have an excellent opportunity to be offered a full-time job after completion.

What is the start date of the program?

The internship program starting dates are fixed. However, in some cases it can be flexible. For more information regarding starting dates check here...

How long does it take to find an available internship?

Gi2C has been the leading internship provider in China for a number of years. We operate in high efficiency to make sure either the applicants waiting for placements or the sponsor company demanding on fulfilling open internship placements will have results in due time. Generally, after applicants officially subscribe to Gi2C Internship Program, the internship will be secured within 2-4 weeks.

Will someone escort me to my company on the first day of work?

YES! One of our Gi2C team members will escort you to your company and introduce you to the supervisor who will be in charge of you.

FAQs about the Chinese Language Program

Can on-line private lessons be arranged for me before my arrival to China?

Yes we can arrange private on-line lessons. Learning Mandarin On-line before coming to China can give you a big advantage while doing your internship, or working for a company.

How will studying abroad in China benefit me?

If you are interested in going into business, or are looking for a job, then studying abroad in China is one of the best ways to build up experience and a network of business contacts. It will give you the exposure you need to the international world and also provide you opportunities that you won’t soon forget.

What will I receive once the language courses are completed?

You will get a certificate showing the completions of your Chinese language program and the ability to speak mandarin on basic level at the very least.

My level of Chinese is advanced, is there a suitable language group for me?

Since we have many students who have lived in China for a long period of time, we have several students who would easily fit into an advanced group corresponding with your level of understanding.

What is the starting date for the language program?

Normally we start a new group in the beginning and in the middle of each month.

How long does it normally take to speak Chinese fluently?

Normally it takes around 3-6 months depending on the Chinese language program chosen to reach a comfortable conversational level.

What is the most effective way to learn Mandarin?

Venture around China and engage with the locals. Practice makes Perfect!