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Successful Gi2C's Alumni

Successful Gi2C's Alumni - 4.8 out of 5 based on 26 votes
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Jendrik Markwardt

Germany, University of Sustainable Development HNE Germany, Financial and Investment Internship
A degree from university is important, working experience is necessary, but more important is that you have some working experience abroad. I got known foreign culture, business styles and learned a new way of communication. That′s a big benefit for your career, but also for yourself.

Naomi Abiera

Australia, RMIT University, Retail Design Internship
Gi2c was great, I would not have been able to survive there on my own over so the service and overall helpfulness allowed me to experience China in an unforgettable way. I learned so many invaluable things at my placement and made great lifelong friends. The insight and work ethic I gained through my time in the company will stick with me as I go about my everyday life.

Nicolas Yao

USA, St John's University, Financial Internship
As an MBA graduate, I was looking for an opportunity in finance and investments. Gi2C placed me with a Beijing-based venture capitalist in order to understand investment opportunities and learn about the sector. In the end, my duties were not what I expected from such a position, because there was more networking and dealing with people face-to-face. This proved to be a revealing and invaluable experience, forever changing my vision of business and finance. This was the type of experience one could only live in China, and which can not exist in the Western world due to our social and cultural structure.

Fajr Mohamed

India, School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Architecture Internship
Now I am back in my country. My internship went well, I have been offered full time job in my company. Thanks a lot, Gi2C is doing a great job! Hope new interns are doing a great job too.

Jonathan Caeymaex

Belgium, HEC-ULG, Marketing Internship
My experience in China helped me to understand the Chinese culture and I learned how to react in a business context. Gi2C found a internship that met my requirements. Gi2C was also helping me to find a very good accommodation in Beijing and gave to me a lot of advice to avoid problems. All these aspects were helping me to enjoy my stay in China. Moreover, when I had some administrative problems the staff of Gi2C helped me to fix the situation.

Harrison Storm Smith

USA, Kent State University, Project Management Internship
I learned a lot from my experience in China. Not only did I get to meet new people from all over the world and learn about their cultures, I also learned how to communicate better. My future business goals have been extremely helped by this experience through the people I met and the networks I've created. Going to China was one of the best decisions I've made in my entire life.

Muhammad Bilal

Malaysia, A.P.U, Management Executive Internship
Was a good experience for me since the GI2C help us to do the best and the flexibility that they offer. It was totally different experience even though I am living in Asia but, in Beijing are totally different. This when we experience how people are, and what they do with their live and business, which we can experience them and increase knowledge.

Arion Franklin

USA, Grand Valley State University, Graphic Design Internship
This program has changed my life forever. I feel that I finally have the confidence, experience and project backing to secure the job of my dreams. 

Salim Benchekroun

Morocco, University of Gloucestershire, Business Development Internship
I can say that my internship was really challenged to move-in my career when I go back home to my country and an experienced internship that was really in need after my Master graduation in the UK ( London). Gi2c makes my dreams actually successful, let’s makes yours also !!! 

Abbas Ibrahiam

UK, The University of York, Investment Banking Internship
I worked in a company specialising in Far East Asian Tax and did learn a lot about the tax systems in these countries. Hats off to GI2C; they did a great job! 

Eudoxia Ruambo

France, London College of communication, Interior Design Internship
When you are looking for a job you should be able to show in your CV that you already have experience. Without experience you can't find a job. I'm happy that my company gave me proper project to do. 

Shrey Saxena

India, Cardiff University, Automotive Internship
I chose Gi2C because it is a good platform to provide me with an opportunity to work in China. It’s like a key to enter into China and helps me to establish a base which I would not have been able to do successfully without Gi2C’s help

Zuhaib Tanweer

UK, University of Huddersfield, Architecture Internship
China is one of the leading countries in the world in many ways and it is rising in prominence in the architectural field; it is full of rich architectural history and beautiful culture, which I find very exciting and want to explore. Before coming to China, I planned to expect the unexpected when it comes to food choices. 

Michael Yong

Australia, University of Melbourne, Marketing Internship


Natalia Ziewiec

Poland, Southampton Solent University, Public Relations Internship



Italy, University of Verona, Business Development Internship
I definitely recommend this program to anybody. It's a life experience that will strengthen you and will make you learn a lot not only about business but also about life. 


Brazil, IBMEC, International Trade Internship
I am happy to come to China through Gi2c Company. The Customer Representative staff are very friendly and helpful since the beginning of the process. I don't think I would have this amazing experience without Gi2c support. 


UK, Durham University, Corporate and Family Law Internship
I really enjoyed my time in Beijing, especially the social aspect with the other interns at Gi2C. The city is fantastic with lots to do including visiting the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. 


Netherlands, Wageningen University, Travel and Tourism Internship
Coming here to Beijing was mainly to get some work experience but I got so much more out of these few months.


USA, University of California, Environmental Engineering Internship
My experience with GI2C has been great. They are very helpful and there for you when you need them. I have been enjoying my time here in China and would recommend this experience for those looking for work and an adventure.


Netherlands, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Music Industry Internship
I can definitely recommend this program, because they help you really well by arranging an internship. I know how difficult it can be to arrange an internship. Gi2C helps with every aspect where help is needed. 


Brazil, UNIVALI, Marketing Internship
At the end of my internship I got a full time job offer, so the experience it was really worth. During my journey in China I met other interns and had a really good time with them.


UK, Nottingham Law School, Law Internship
I have experienced a lot of the culture in the month that I was here and this part of the experience I very much enjoyed. The trips and activities organized by Gi2C were mostly the highlight of my time here, especially the Great Wall tour.


Italy, Bari Economics University, Business Development Internship
Working here was fantastic, my company made me feel important for them, giving me even more responsibilities and letting me adapt in the best way possible; I've never felt the "cultural shock" thanks to them and I found so many kind people during this experience , making new friends and creating new work possibilities for the future.


Switzerland, SRH Riedlingen, Public Relations Internship
Beijing is such a great city, there is so much history and things to and I made a lot of friends. All of that and the bundle of great experience I will take back home made my stay here unforgettable.