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How To Apply?

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How to apply for an internship in China

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Gi2C Program Requirements

Interns who thrive in China have the following qualities:

  • Open-minded and positive attitude
  • Able to adapt, respect and understand a new culture
  • Excellent work ethics and communication skills
  • Interested in learning new things
  • Dedication in problem solving and patient

Education & Age

Must be over 16

University graduate, or currently pursuing a degree in higher education.

Work Experience

0-20 years

China is a great place to obtain your first practical work experience, but for certain industries and positions previous knowledge and skills will be an asset. If you are a young professional seeking to establish a career in China, your specialty areas will be taken into account during the initial consultation.

Language skills


Working proficiency in both oral and written English.


Previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is not required. However, in order to gain the most from your experience in China we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the local language. See more information on Chinese language classes.


You will be working in an international environment, so fluency in multiple foreign languages can be advantageous.



Open Enrollment

We welcome people from all backgrounds to join our programs. However, due to visa regulations from the Chinese government, certain restrictions apply. See more information on visas to China.

Gi2C’s Consulting Team

Just as we believe it’s important for us to know who you are and what you are looking for, we also believe it’s important for you to know who we are and how we do our job.

The Gi2C’s consultant team combines a great variety of people from all over the world who have several things in common: a love for China, a passion for helping young people in developing their professional careers and a devotion to their training. Each year, we focus on providing better service and expanding our network of available partner companies who need interns so that you have strong support and more choices. Together, our goal is to help you with your journey to develop your career and explore China!

Our Gi2C headquarters are located in Beijing and our team there is in charge of applications. Our team’s Program Consultants focus on:

  • Selecting the candidates for a formal interview
  • Evaluating each candidate’s educational background, experience and interview performance
  • Providing career advice
  • Guiding the candidate through the program steps
  • Assisting the intern with any questions or help needed


Once you have applied and been enrolled for the Gi2C international internship program, one of our program consultants will contact you and work with you, to ensure that your skills and talents will match the needs of potential partner companies to ensure that both parties obtain the desired benefits of an internship placement.

Once you have arrived to Beijing or Shanghai, one of our Gi2C representatives will collect you from the airport and join you at the group orientation with the other interns. You will also be provided with all the help and support you need throughout any scheduled activities. We aim for all of our interns to feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay in China.

Regardless of the length of your internship in China, our pledge is to devote our best efforts to helping you through all the stages of the application process. If for some reason you are unsuccessful and fail to qualify, we encourage you to reapply every 90 days. If you have any inquiries about this, then by all means Contact Us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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