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How to apply for an internship in China


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Once you have applied and been enrolled for the Gi2C international internship program, one of our professional placement officers will contact you and work with you, to ensure that your skills and talents will match the needs of potential corporate sponsors to ensure that both parties obtain the desired benefits of an internship placement.

Once you pay the processing fee our placement department will then filter and contact our partner companies that match your application profile. Up to three internship placements will be sent to you as our corporate partners express interest in you. You can accept or reject the placement as you like. Invitation letter will only be issued upon full receipt of program fee.

Once you have arrived to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, one of our Gi2C representatives will collect you from the airport and join you at the group orientation and lunch/dinner with the other interns. You will also be provided with all the help and support you need throughout any scheduled activities that most appeal to you and take you directly to your accommodation (assuming you requested us to help you with this). We aim for all of our interns to feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay in China.

Throughout your stay you will have the opportunity to be invited to a number of business and social networking events that range from entrepreneurial seminars, attending happy hour on the rooftop of exciting bars and even hiking on the Great Wall! Whether you are planning to stay for one month or three months, we devote our best efforts to helping you through all the stages such as completing the application process and throughout your entire stay here in China.

Regardless of the length of your internship in China, our pledge is to devote our best efforts to helping you through all the stages of the application process. If for some reason you are unsuccessful and fail to qualify, we encourage you to reapply every 90 days. If you have any inquiries about this, then by all means Contact Us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Please be advised, in order to provide the best quality service for you, your cooperation is needed. The timely processing of your documents is a key component in making sure your arrival to China and your internship operate smoothly. Therefore in order to facilitate this requirement your full payment and all necessary document i.e Flight itinerary, scanned copy of visa and travel insurance must be sent to Gi2C one month prior to your scheduled start date or earlier. Failure to do so will result in automatic postponement of your internship program to an agreed upon future date.


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