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China industry spotlight: Advertising

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China industry spotlight: AdvertisingImagine putting months of work into a final product that people look at for less than 5 seconds. Go to YouTube right now and watch a video. Chances are an ad will pop up and last maybe 30 seconds. However, within 5 seconds you have the option of skipping the ad. If you’re not drawn in within those first 5 seconds, the company has just wasted millions of dollars on advertising that doesn’t work. Or go and watch your favorite movie. Chances are the movie is scattered with intentionally placed product positioning. However, the camera may only be on them for a few seconds.

Compared to 50 years ago, our society is suffering from visual overload. There is barely a waking minute that goes by where we aren’t seeing some time of advertisement. It’s all over our clothes, food, transportation and life.

We’re drawn in like moths to bright shiny things that we watch on our phones, computers and TV. This makes the field of advertising all the more interesting as there are now a wide variety of platforms and media to reach your target market.

While working in this industry, you can focus your career path on a specific area such as becoming an expert in print, computer graphics and design, art, video shooting and editing, photography or a numerous amount of other skills that are needed in advertising. Or maybe you want to focus more on research. Conducting field research and analysis to think more like your audience is the essential first step of understanding how advertising works.

Advertising is a fast-paced field to do an internship in with a great deal of varied opportunities available. China is still young in developing this industry and is looking for new talent who have the fresh perspective and viewpoint needed to draw in an audience of 1.3 billion. Gi2C can help place you into this developing industry and learn more about China along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai.


  • Collecting information about key Chinese target markets
  • Researching and analyzing China’s hot topics and forming advertising strategies that are exciting and will go viral
  • Producing videos for social media about the latest projects and events the company is currently involved with
  • Campaign tracking and success rates
  • Market research and getting feedback from potential audiences
  • Assist in creating signs, mockups, e-mail campaigns, etc.
  • Assist with trade shows and other types of promotions
  • Analyze competitor materials


Experience and qualifications

Undergraduate students majoring in advertising, sales, marketing or business are a good fit for advertising internship in China. This industry requires excellent communication skills, creativity and those who are tech-savvy.  Strong research, analysis and project execution skills are also essential. Microsoft Office experience is needed and the ability to read or speak Chinese is a plus.

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