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China industry spotlight: Art Gallery

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China industry spotlight: Art Gallery

You probably know Beijing and Shanghai as new capitals of commerce and banking.  But behind the backdrop of buzzing businesses and a developing culture of consumerism, Beijing and Shanghai are also home to thriving contemporary art scenes.

In Beijing, the world famous 798 Art District houses galleries, workshops, and group studios in an industrial environment. The community is made up of unique military style factory buildings from the 1950's. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Beijing, and rightfully so. On weekends, locals and tourists fill the avante-garde creative space, admiring the work of Beijing's budding contemporary art talents.

Let's not forget about the growing scene in Beijing's rival city - Shanghai. China's coastal mega-city is home to some amazing galleries, including: Moganshan Art Area (M50), Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Shanghai Gallery of Art (SGA), and m97 Gallery. Much like the Pudong skyline in Shanghai, the city's art scene has seemingly sprung from the earth, infused with international interest and admiration. The art industry in China is fascinating, fast-paced, and exciting - but if you don't have the right connections, it can be nearly impossible to get involved.

That's why Gi2C Group is here to help all of you art enthusiasts. We are your gateway to awesome internships with some of the hippest art galleries in Beijing and Shanghai.

Individuals looking to advance their career prospects with valuable overseas work experience will be able to do so by completing an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai.


Art Gallery Interns will help gallery owners with day-to-day operations in a variety of ways.

Typical responsibilities include:

  • Contacting domestic and foreign art collection agencies, creating connections to accomplish sales;
  • Collection of domestic and international art trade data and exhibition info, conducting market analysis. Writing reports that include recommendations based on the collected data and submitting them regularly;
  • Talking with the gallery patrons in a polite and friendly manner, contributing effectively to the store merchandise sales;
  • Building a customer database based on telephone and email information of important customers;
  • Daily organization of merchandise, arranged in neat rows;
  • Maintaining a clean and organized storefront at all times;
  • Handle sales and answer questions about the Gallery and its artworks.
  • Assist with sponsorship solicitations.
  • Work with the Gallery Coordinator for all graphic design needs within the Gallery including signage, graphic displays, advertisements and special event invitations.
  • Distribute press releases for gallery exhibitions.
  • Work with the vendors/staff to set prices for products for sale in Gallery.
  • Perform other duties in supporting the organization.


Experience and qualifications

An interest and enthusiasm for art is the foremost requirement for an Art Gallery Intern. Aside from that, a bachelor's degree in Art History or a related field is desirable. Candidates should be motivated to learn about and become actively involved in the Chinese arts scene. Previous experience working in an art gallery would also be an advantage.

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