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China industry spotlight: Biotechnology

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China industry spotlight: Biotechnology

Biotechnology companies pave the way for creating solutions for various types of medical problems, food problems, environmental problems, and even solving crimes! It is truly a problem-solving and rewarding field of work that can save lives. The biotech industry is very much focused on discovering the latest technology and products making it an exciting environment to work. Biotech drugs must first undergo clinical trials before being declared safe and starting production but there are many areas that can benefit from biotechnology. One hot topic these days is the bird flu. Biotechnology is needed to develop vaccines for these types of epidemics. Some biotech processes, such as using fermentation or yeast are not new but our knowledge about how to capitalize on them is new. Biotech looks to gain insight into nature’s many secrets to deal with some of the major issues facing society.

Currently, the USA is the largest market for biotechnology but China is gaining more experience in this area and needs people with strong science skills and international experience working with advanced lab equipment to assist in developing this industry in China.

As the Chinese government places a higher priority in this area, more funds will become available to attract quality biotech talent from around the globe.

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  • Research and development
  • Technical support
  • Following regulations and properly documenting experiments
  • Quality control and testing
  • Manufacturing and production 
  • Work on assigned projects as needed
  • Assist in day to day lab operations


Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a Bachelors in biology/biotechnology or an undergraduate currently pursuing a degree in science. Some lab experience and the ability to work well within budget and time constraints is useful. Must be a team player and flexible.

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