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China industry spotlight: Cell Phone Apps

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China industry spotlight: Cell Phone Apps

Ah cell phones. Where would we be without them? Forget their primary use of calling people, we’d have no GPS, no personal organizer, and nothing to keep us occupied during the boring parts of the day.  Now that the world has software applications (apps) available to download, the sky is the limit. Download an app to play games or to reduce your stress or to track your sales volumes at work. Whatever you need, there is sure to be an app out there to assist. As more and more people switch over to smart phones, the world of apps becomes available to them.

Yet some people who have smart phones still know nothing about apps and don’t use them.

This is likely to change in the future; however, in China, smart phones are still a little too expensive for the average person which means China will have many more years ahead of it to develop their app industry.

Developing your own app will require you to have a certain amount of expertise in programming and coding as well as knowing the ins and outs of your particular platform’s operating system, such as Android, iPhone, etc.

However, if you are working for a cell phone app company, you might just be needed as the idea person who comes up with the new app and can explain exactly how it works to the programming team.  This industry has just sprung up unexpected and cell phone apps may just open up an even newer industry in the near future. With technology, the possibilities are endless. 

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  • Researching popular apps
  • Market research about desired apps
  • Project assistance
  • Making detailed proposals identifying the key functions of the new app
  • Programming if qualified


Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a Bachelors in marketing, business or computer programming. Familiarity with smart phones and cell phone apps is helpful. Interns should excellent communication skills and able to brainstorm new ideas.

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