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China industry spotlight: Chemical Engineering

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China industry spotlight: Chemical Engineering

Chemicals are used in almost every industry. They benefit consumer goods, construction, food, transportation, and manufacturing to name a few. The chemical industry uses raw materials such as fossil fuels, air, water, limestone, salt, and others to develop a variety of derivative products. The chemical industry spends most of their budgets in research and development of new products. The USA is a dominant player in this industry followed by several European countries. The chemical industry is sometimes categorized into four parts: heavy inorganic, fertilizers, halogens, and organic chemicals.

China uses up to one third of the world’s chemicals and as a result the Chinese government is hoping to become more self-sufficient in this area as it currently is very dependent on several developed countries for supply. China has been growing in various chemical areas such as petrochemicals, polymers and specialty chemicals; however, raw material costs and the high cost of energy have slowed the development of the chemical industry.

China needs more and more oil and coal to support its energy needs. One solution in lieu of finding more cheap energy sources is to conserve the energy China has now by ensuring that all high-energy industries are located near energy sources to reduce transportation costs and the carbon footprint left behind.

China’s chemical market is extremely fragmented and will likely consolidate in the near future. This will allow the industry to achieve better economies of scale and improve the technology and equipment being used in the industry. Larger companies are also able to attract top talent from around the world. This expertise is what will truly allow China to become self-sufficient in this field.

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  • Assist in testing and maintenance of equipment
  • Conduct experiments and properly document the procedures
  • Chemical research and other support tasks
  • Assist with the production and storage of a variety of unstable chemicals
  • Project assistance

Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a Bachelors in chemistry/chemical engineering or an undergraduate currently pursuing a degree in science. Some experience with chemical process equipment and the ability to safely handle chemicals is needed. Basic lab skills and using chemical reactors is useful. Possess spreadsheet software skills and good communication skills.

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