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China industry spotlight: Education

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China industry spotlight: Education

Education covers everything from actual teaching to administration but regardless of what exact role you have in the education industry you will playing an important role in the development of every student you come in contact with. Education is the perfect industry for those who care about developing the skills of others and for those who can communicate effectively.

China is well-known for the number of English teaching jobs that are available to native English speakers. However, many of these jobs provide little to no guidance about how to teach. Schools in China may just ask you to come up with all the materials and lesson planning on your own. Thus, if teaching in China, the ability to adapt and be creative is important.

Chinese students in general are very studious spending up to 12 hours per day on their education and may have a basic understanding of English but are severely lacking in oral English skills. They are more technical minded than Western students but may spend less time on fine arts and extracurriculars as a result. You will need to provide clear instruction as students in China are usually not taught to think outside the box or develop their own ideas about things.

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  • Plan lessons to teach the students new skills
  • Can communicate effectively and professionally with other staff and parents
  • Assess students to assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Submit all documents in compliance with official standards and procedures
  • Tutor students needing special attention
  • Maintain, organize and archive all related documents
  • Proactively look for ways to assist the students


Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a Bachelors in education or an undergraduate currently pursuing a degree in education. Some teaching experience and basic knowledge of Chinese is useful. Patience, problem-solving, critical thinking skills and the skill of being able to convey concepts using a variety of techniques and visuals is good to have.

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