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China industry spotlight: Electrical Engineering

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China industry spotlight: Electrical Engineering

The field of Electrical Engineering requires experience in order to truly be able to say you are an electrical engineer. Practical experience beats book smarts any day. In this industry, you will be involved in all things electrical, from radar systems to portable music players. Just think, you might create something cooler than an ipod! The more innovative technology becomes, the more in demand electrical engineers will be. Getting a electrical engineering internship is the perfect way to see if this profession is a good fit for you.

Many companies actually prefer to hire temporary engineers in order to keep costs down so trying out one or more internships in electrical engineering can help you understand how to do the job in different environments which will be useful later on in your life.

China is currently a great place to start a career in this field. Chinese people spend a lot of time studying difficult subjects in school and are often able to do very well in technical jobs. Being among some of the smartest and best electrical engineers in the world will make you the best. China is always looking to strengthen their competitiveness in industries such as engineering and will thus put a lot of capital into propelling this industry to best in class standards. An a electrical engineering intern you will see firsthand just how Chinese companies can compete abroad and you will be able to assist them with benchmarking and common practices that work well in your home country. 

Getin2China can help place you into this industry and learn more about China along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai. Internships are the perfect opportunity to test different industries and company environments to learn about what type of career best suits you. 


  • Work on new ways to use electrical power 
  • Make precise calculations about how to make, install and use the electrical system
  • Ensure products are of high quality and work according to design
  • Evaluate problems and provide answers
  • Manage several projects at the same time
  • Improve skills in design, analysis, development, inspections and planning
  • Use computers to simulate how the machine will actually work in reality 


Experience and qualifications

To find an internship in electrical engineering in China, creativity, math, electrical, listening and problem-solving skills are required. A degree in electrical engineering is preferred, however those with strong math skills in algebra, trigonometry, calculus and physics may also apply.

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