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China Industry Spotlight: Finance/Investment Banking

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China Industry Spotlight: Finance/Investment Banking

We’ve been hearing it for a while now: China is THE country to focus on for the next fifty years. As a result, a number of Chinese language schools have popped up all over the world. Although they are not as authentic as learning Chinese in China, they are evidence that China has now permeated the entire globe.

There is just no country like it in terms of size and influence. China’s exports and imports affect the entire world. If for some reason China stopped buying or selling any given item, the world would feel the impact. A country of such significance is of great interest to the finance world. As an original member of BRIC, the top four emerging countries, investing in China carries some risk. However, safe investments don’t usually have great returns.

Investing in Chinese companies who have made an international name for themselves, such as Lenovo, is the easiest method for those not familiar with China to get in on the action. However, if you really want to know which Chinese company will be the next Apple or Coca-cola, you have to gain some on the ground insight. An internship in China’s finance and banking industries is the perfect way to get a foothold on the fascinating and ever-changing country of China. Getin2China can help place you into this exciting industry and learn more about China along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai.


  • Collecting information about key Chinese industries and top performing companies;
  • Researching and analyzing China’s financial health and tracking key government decisions which will impact the market;
  • Staying aware of key economic data as it comes out;
  • Doing financial analysis of publicly listed companies as needed;
  • Financial modeling and rolling forecasting;
  • Industry benchmarking and competitor analysis;
  • Providing data to support the investment team when consulting clients;
  • Writing articles about China’s finance sector and which companies look promising;
  • Assisting with various consulting projects;


Experience and qualifications

An understanding of basic finance and investment terms is required. A bachelor’s degree in finance or business is desirable but not essential. The ability to speak and read Chinese would be extremely helpful as is the ability to research and analyze a great deal of information efficiently. Familiarity with Chinese companies or specific industries would make you stand out. Strong excel modeling and math skills is needed.

 Finance Investment Banking

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