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China industry spotlight: Healthcare

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China industry spotlight: Healthcare Experienced medical staff are needed everywhere in the world and China is no different. China’s healthcare industry has come a long way in the past few years but still has a way to go in terms of catching up to the advanced medical techniques and equipment that are prevalent in the West.  As China’s economy improves more and more people are able to take care of their health properly.

Just a few years ago, China’s private hospitals accounted for less than 10% of the nation’s total. The more private hospitals the better as competitive advantage will spur the hospital industry to constantly be improving. If one hospital is not as advanced as the other, people will go to the one with better facilities and doctors.

It is obvious that there are great growth possibilities in China’s healthcare industry and some positive competition benefits anyone needing medical care in China. China is also unique in that the majority of doctors practice Chinese medicine which uses more natural remedies such as various types of root and herbs as well as acupuncture. The combination of learning both Chinese and Western medicine at the same time makes an internship in healthcare in China all the more interesting!

Gi2C Group can help place you into this industry and learn more about China along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai. Internships are the perfect opportunity to test different industries and company environments to learn about what type of career best suits you.


  • Compile and analyze patient data such as patient wait time, satisfaction surveys, etc
  • Collecting information about key target markets
  • Provide comparison studies of best-in-class hospitals

Depending on the intern’s experience, the internship can cover any aspect of the hospital or medical clinic, including clerical, administrative, laboratory, clinical, cleaning and stocking. Each area has its own specific responsibilities.


Experience and qualifications

To find an internship in China in healthcare, undergraduate students should be majoring in science, medicine and health-related studies.  If you have already taken your MCAT or other type of medical college admission test, this is a plus. The healthcare internship placement will depend on the technical skills and training you have had. You should be familiar with healthcare vocabulary and have an understanding of the basic equipment used in the health industry. The ability to read or speak Chinese is beneficial.

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