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China industry spotlight: Industrial Design

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An internship in industrial design is a great way to start your career in this field. Industrial design focuses on utilizing both art and science to make great, safe products that not only look good, feel good and work well but also sell. The term “Industrial Designer” is less than one hundred years old but the concept dates back to perhaps the invention of the wheel or any other product that humans needed that also looked cool. If you have dreams of designing the next iPhone or a similar trendy product that will take over the world, this industry is for you!

Although design skills and a creative mind are essential in this field of work, a great deal of research also must be done. Are there any other products similar to your idea? What works or does not work for those products? How can you make your product different and better? After researching and determining a need for the product, the design can begin. However, a perfect product not only looks cool but also is user-friendly. What is the easiest way for your product to accomplish what it should accomplish and how does its appearance compliment that functionability? These are the types of questions you will need to answer in this industry.

As an industrial designer in the 21st century, you will need a high skill level with a variety of software such as CAD. You will most likely need to build prototypes of your product to test and improve your initial design. In China, industrial designers are in high demand. As China moves away from being a manufacturing base, it requires people who have technical skill sets and who are creative. With the strong Chinese economy pushing all industries forward, China is the perfect place to begin working in this exciting and innovative industry.

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  • Researching and analyzing customer and market data
  • Industry trends analysis
  • Marketing of new products
  • Assisting with concept and idea generation
  • Modeling and prototyping

Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a bachelors in industrial design or an undergraduate currently pursuing a degree in design or art. Attention to detail, problem solving and analytical skills are needed. sketching and rendering skills are important as well as some familiarity with software such as Adobe CS, Sketchbook Pro, Adobe After Effects, CAD and Rendering Software.

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