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China industry spotlight: Interior Design

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China industry spotlight: Interior Design

Excelling in the interior design industry is easy. Simply extract the vision inside of your client’s head exactly as they are dreaming about it using only their words on a design brief to guide you. From that abstract document, you easily create detailed sketches of every centimeter of their future building keeping in mind zoning restrictions and the environmental impact. And do it all on schedule and under budget. Piece of cake!

While creating someone else’s vision is never easy, interior design is an excellent industry for creative, detailed people. The challenge of it is part of the fun. You have the satisfaction of creating something from nothing and unlike starving artists, you are getting paid handsomely for it! The most exciting thing about being an interior designer is that you are constantly meeting new clients and working on new projects, which are completely different from previous projects. It’s hard to get bored as an interior designer. Whether the client wants something out-of-the-box or an exact replica of a building in a different city, you will be gaining skills in client relations and efficient planning. In this industry, you may even have a chance to travel the world and incorporate a global perspective into your future designs. Each culture has a unique sense of style and architecture and being a student of the world is an enlightening adventure that looks great on a CV.

Interior design in China is thriving as Chinese companies who are new to the global scene want to stand out from the rest and look extremely modern and professional. Urbanization is also a contributing factor to China’s strong growth in this industry. As Chinese people continue to move from the country to the cities, the need for infrastructure and property remains high. This demand creates a fast-paced environment that is stimulating and challenging. China is currently looking for foreign talents who have experience abroad and who are creative and diligent. The international growth opportunities in China appear endless making now the best time to work in China.

Gi2C can help you find an interior design internship and learn more about China’s unique culture along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai. Internships are the perfect opportunity to test different industries and company environments to learn about what type of career best suits you.


  • Understanding environmental regulations and design quality standards
  • Ensuring the team stays on schedule and budget
  • Collecting materials and double-checking everything needed for the final design is on hand
  • Learning the chief designer’s idea and vision but also adding your own design ideas and suggestions
  • Being able to understand the client’s needs and coming up with a design plan that they love
  • Organize all documents and materials needed for the current project
  • Efficiently communicate with other team members about the project
  • Assisting the team with your own designs according to the project plan

Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a bachelor’s in interior design, architecture, art or an undergraduate currently pursuing a degree in similar areas. Must be skilled in basic computer graphics software. Strong design and drawing skills, a positive attitude, mature personality, high enthusiasm, organization and creativity is needed. Previous work in a similar urban planning and design position for hotels and office buildings is useful but willing to train.

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