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China industry spotlight: International Business

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China industry spotlight: International Business

Experience speaks for itself. To truly be a top business leader in today’s world, experience in a wide range of cultures, environments and company types is essential. Doing business abroad is a great way to get that type of essential experience. To do an internship in international business, one needs to have identified their specific industry within their country of choice. The next step is to learn everything you can about that industry and that country. Knowledge is power.

China is a great place to do an internship as there are ample opportunities in all types of Chinese businesses. As an emerging country, China’s economy continues to grow faster than any developed country which means there is a much better chance of finding a job in China than anywhere else! More and more Chinese companies are looking to expand their operations overseas and gain some global clients. Thus, they need insight from people who have been abroad and understand those global markets.

There are many cultural nuances that should be learned before doing business in China. For example, handing your business card with two hands or how most deals are done only after many dinners and drinks with your potential partners. Relationships matter most in China so learn some ways to impress your Chinese counterparts and win their trust otherwise you won’t have much luck doing business in China!

Getin2China can help you find an internship and learn more about China’s unique nuances along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai. Internships are the perfect opportunity to test different industries and company environments to learn about what type of career best suits you.


  • Market research
  • Data entry
  • Assist the team with project management
  • Other tasks depending on what industry is chosen



To find an internship in international business in China, communication, speaking and interpersonal skills are required. Research, analysis, problem-solving and writing ability is also desired. Previous experience in an unfamiliar environment is helpful.

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