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China industry spotlight: IT

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China Industry Spotlight: IT

The Information Technology industry may very well be one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now and for good reason: the IT department is one of the most important departments in any company. As the majority of office jobs these days involve using computers and other electronic devices for almost all work tasks, it is crucial that these devices work properly at all times.  With the growth of electronic device usage in the past decade, the IT industry has seen rapid demand for IT experts. This demand continues to grow. As an IT professional, you have the opportunity to solve problems on a daily basis and ensure the company runs smoothly. Many IT professionals are even able to work remotely.

China, especially, has high demand for IT professionals as more and more Chinese people are increasing their standard of living and purchasing electronic devices for everyday use.

China is currently the world's largest Internet user; however, there are still millions of homes in China without computers or smart phones meaning China is the land of opportunity for anyone in the IT industry. China needs foreign IT experts to assist the electronic needs of the growing number of foreign staff who are using English software while working in China. As an IT intern, you will get great experience in a future career in the fast growing IT industry.

Getin2China can help you intern in the IT industry and learn more about China along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai. Internships are the perfect opportunity to test different industries and company environments to learn about what type of career best suits you.


  • New system setup 
  • Trouble shooting 
  • Upgrading hardware and software 
  • Diagnosing and fixing problems 
  • Assisting with various IT projects concurrently  including defining deliverables, developing time and resource estimates, and managing resources to meet established deadlines 
  • Virus protection and removal


Experience and qualifications

An expert in both Microsoft Windows and Mac. Especially good at solving problems with Microsoft Office. Able to work independently, excellent attention to detail, time management, effective communication, and creative problem solving skills. Broad-based knowledge of emerging technologies.

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