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China industry spotlight: Media

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China industry spotlight: Media

The media industry is an umbrella term for numerous industries such as animation, film, music, cell phones, web, TV and publishing. What do all of these industries have in common? They present information in a captivating way via some medium such as a screen, CD or paper. One of the allurements for working in the media industry is that you are able to interact with people and create in a variety of ways. For example, you may need to design a bus advertisement for a bus that runs through middle-income neighborhoods.

What topics and visuals will captivate that particular audience? Or you might need to create a new video game for females ages 18-22. How will you engage them and get them interested about your game? Suppose your media industry boss asks you to create the content for a 6-page magazine spread for a golf magazine. What theme will you create for the spread and what objective do you need to accomplish? Perhaps you need to create a web campaign for a new iPhone app. What is your budget and who is the target audience? If you’re in the film industry, you might be part of a huge team of people who are creating the next megahit movie. If you’re in the advertising industry, you might be part of a huge team who are creating the next viral video or new trend. Regardless of your specific job or industry within the media empire, you will have creative challenges that require you to have vision and insight into not only what your client wants to see but even more importantly into what your client’s customers want to see.

China’s media industry is thriving and Chinese young people are becoming experts in various media mediums, especially mobile phone media and gaming. Although we all know China censors some topics in the media, the netizens of this great country continue to find creative ways to communicate with each other and produce interesting work within a somewhat restricted environment. Another noteworthy facet about China’s media industry is the immense potential for growth. About half of the people in China do not own a smartphone or computer nor do they go to see movies on a regular basis. Almost half of the people in China still live outside major cities, which means they do not have exposure to endless marketing campaigns and the world’s top brands and companies. However, more and more are moving to cities and these new urbanites will create new demand in areas of entertainment and intellectual stimulation. Another important group of Chinese people are those who are seeing an increase in wages and now have more discretionary income with which to spend on things such as video games and books. China’s demand for media products and services will only continue to increase in the coming years. As someone with an interest in media, what are you waiting for? Come to China!

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  • Coming up with new and interesting ideas for programs and ads
  • Organizing and scheduling upcoming projects
  • Content writing and editing
  • Networking and client presentations
  • Coordinating and communicating with clients
  • Following industry trends and creating new trends
  • Publicity mail outs and social media
  • Arranging events and promotions

Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in media studies, media communications, TV & digital media or an undergraduate currently pursuing a degree in those areas. Strong communication skills, a positive and innovative attitude, and creativity is needed. Social media skills and graphic design skills are useful.

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