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China industry spotlight: Medicine

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China industry spotlight: Medicine

Less than 200 million people of China’s 1.3 billion have basic medical insurance. People living in remote areas are unable to access the insurance plans prevalent in bigger cities. Individuals pay annual premiums for their medical treatment under China’s current social security system. There are plenty of opportunities to serve in the medical field in China and improve the health of millions of people.

The government owns most of the hospitals in China however private clinics are becoming more popular which is encouraging hospitals to pay doctor’s more competitive salaries and have better social status.

To become a doctor in China, you need to study for 5 years at a medical school and PhD’s are preferred. After graduating, the next step is 1-3 years of work until you are confident enough to take the National Medical Licensing Exam. Regardless of whether you pass the test or not, all wannabe doctors in China need to be approved by the Ministry of Health before becoming an official physician.

The majority of medicine practiced in China is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This training is usually passed down from generation to generation. Although, nowadays, most hospitals practice a combination of both Western and TCM. China is developing quickly making an internship in medicine in China more and more exciting. Now is the perfect time to step into an industry that is experiencing rapid growth and desperately needing qualified individuals.

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  • Shadowing a senior medical staff member
  • Inventory management
  • Ensure accuracy in patient files and lab results
  • Learn the basics of TCM
  • Clinical services assisting
  • Lab testing assisting
  • Keeping detailed notes if you have met with a patient
  • Assisting with patient care as needed


Experience and qualifications

To find an internship in China in medicine, undergraduate students should be majoring in mathematics and physics, chemistry, life sciences and medicine, earth sciences, information technology or related studies. Your internship placement will depend on the technical skills and training you have had. You should be familiar with medical vocabulary. The ability to read or speak Chinese is beneficial.

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