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China industry spotlight: Sales

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China industry spotlight: Sales

Sales people are needed in every type of company. Some companies have a more aggressive selling strategy than others.  Other companies, such as hospitals, don’t need to do much selling at all – the customers go to them directly. However, even hospitals do some selling and advertising otherwise how would you be able to find their phone number and address? Since sales is often commission based, if you get good at your trade, you can usually make quite an attractive salary. Yet you need to gauge if you can handle the stress of this type of work. Sometimes the best sales strategy is just to create a relationship with your client. Talk about their family, treat them like a friend and it will be much easier to sell them things. We all trust our friends, right?

Contrary to popular belief, sales interns will typically not be involved in direct selling. This takes years of practice and experience to become skilled at. Interns can, however, plan on learning how the industry works, see the daily activities needed to hone this craft and also begin to make some networking connections.

China desperately needs new talent who can reach a non-Chinese market. Gi2C Group can help place you into this industry and learn more about China along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai. Internships in China are the perfect opportunity to test different industries and company environments to learn about what type of career best suits you.


  • Put together sales and marketing materials
  • Collecting information about key target markets
  • Researching and analyzing sales strategies that have worked for other Chinese companies
  • Using social media or cold-calling to communicate with select target markets
  • Campaign tracking and success rates
  • Using a wide variety of sales strategies outside of social media
  • Assist with other types of promotions
  • Analyze competitor materials and strategies


Experience and qualifications

Undergraduate students majoring in advertising, sales, marketing or business are a good fit for this industry. You should have excellent communication skills, creativity and be tech-savvy.  Customer service and an outgoing personality are also beneficial. Microsoft Office experience is needed and the ability to read or speak Chinese is a plus.

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