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China industry spotlight: Travel & Tourism

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China industry spotlight: Travel & Tourism

Traveling in China is a truly unique experience and just writing about it barely does it justice – you must experience it yourself to really understand it!

Try camel riding in the deserts of Inner Mongolia, ice fishing in Heilongjiang, mountain climbing in Tibet, relaxing on the beach in Hainan or breathing the fresh moist air of Yunnan’s tropical rainforests and you’ll soon discover, no one province in China is alike. With so many unique places to visit, travel and tourism is a booming industry in China.

After China opened up some thirty-five years ago, foreigners have had more and more opportunities to enjoy China’s splendid landscapes and captivating culture. And it’s not just foreigners who are traveling more in China. Chinese people now have more disposable income than ever before making this is a great time to do an internship program in China’s travel industry as China has both domestic and international revenue supporting this industry.

What China’s tourism industry currently needs most is people from a variety of other countries who understand China’s tourism industry and are able to communicate the information they learn about China back to their home country. Gi2C Group can help place you into this exciting industry and learn more about China along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai.


  • Collecting information about China’s best kept secret tourist locations
  • Reading comments of China travelers and using that information to advise management about the current difficulties foreigners traveling in China are facing
  • Assist with marketing research to attract new clients
  • Advising clients on which of the company’s packages best suit their travel needs
  • Awareness of the current costs of travel in China and staying on top of news which may affect transportation costs
  • Industry benchmarking and competitor analysis
  • Assist with day-to-day operations
  • Improving current travel package offerings and creating new destination packages
  • Help staff process client requests & make travel arrangements


Experience and qualifications

For an internship in China’s travel industry, travel experience is needed! An understanding of what essentials are needed to travel in China is required.  A bachelor’s degree in tourism or a related field is desirable but not necessary. Trilingual applicants will be considered first. The ability to research and analyze a great deal of information efficiently is important. Familiarity with China’s provinces and each province’s unique characteristics as well as previous travel via various modes of transportation is helpful.

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