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China Industry Spotlight: Urban Planning

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If you were actively playing computer games in the early 90’s, you are already somewhat familiar with the thrill of urban planning from playing the very successful game, SimCity. Becoming a real urban planner can be just as exciting as you switch between the roles of being a social worker, politician and architect on a daily basis. It is your job to find new places for people to live and work within areas that have the proper transportation, energy and other necessities needed to become a thriving community. It is also your job to reinvigorate urban communities that are not thriving. You will either be working within the government or needing to work closely with them in planning for the future of their city so get experience talking with high-level leaders as soon as possible.

Being an urban planner gives you the opportunity to stay on top of all the latest developments in energy and the environment. If you are good at strategy and get excited about planning for the future, this might be the ideal career for you. You should also be a strong negotiator, as you will be trying to meet the needs of local residents, businesses and various government departments.

You will be knowledgeable about the local economy, ecosystem and demographics. Who is currently living there? Who will be living there in the future? Are current systems and structures sufficient to meet future demand? By working with the local stakeholders, you are able to find answers to these questions and then come up with solutions to their problems.

The urban planning industry in China holds great potential. The economy is strong and construction is booming as more and more rural residents move to the cities. All of these people need housing, infrastructure and jobs. However, with this great potential comes great difficulty. Urban planning in China can be extremely challenging as planning the future of a country that changes significantly in one year is not an easy task. Yet, the Chinese are keen to become more international and adopt best practices from the West in certain areas to quickly improve the living conditions of their people. If you are interested in urban planning and are looking for some great experience to put on your CV, working in China in this industry will definitely set you apart.

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  • Collect and prepare economic, social, environmental and other types of statistical data, photos and maps
  • Meet with local stakeholders and taking note of their concerns
  • Research how problems were solved in similar communities
  • Present solutions and ideas to the team

Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a Bachelor’s in City Planning or Statistics or an undergraduate currently pursuing a similar degree. Some experience with analyzing planning and zoning statistics is useful. Excellent communication skills and analysis is needed.

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