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China industry spotlight: Editing & Publishing

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China industry spotlight: Editing & Publishing

The internet changed the world of publishing forever. In the past, only printed books and newspapers were sent to editors and then publishers. However, nowadays authors are able to publish their writing themselves in e-books via websites like amazon or other micropublishers. Authors can start their own blogs or simply share their thoughts via microblogs like Twitter. Publishing involves several steps such as acquiring the content, copy editing, graphic design, production and then marketing.

China started focusing on its publishing industry in 2002 and the number of magazine stands and bookstores are on the rise. Although libraries are not very common, several large cities such as Beijing have started adding outdoor library vending machines where books can be borrowed for free as long as they are returned. No librarian necessary.

China also translates some of its newspapers into English and other languages so there is currently a great demand for foreign editors. Gi2C Group can help you find an editing or publishing internship and learn more about China’s unique culture along the way with an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai. Internships are the perfect opportunity to test different industries and company environments to learn about what type of career best suits you.


  • Internet research
  • Manuscript reading
  • Editing and rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Maintain databases and categorize new submissions

Experience and qualifications

Preferably a major in a writing or reading related field such as literature, English, journalism and so on. Exceptional writing and editing skills, experience with content curating and article writing, strong analytic skills, attention to detail and factual accuracy, and the ability to edit and proofread skillfully. Experience with MS Office is essential.

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