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China industry spotlight: Exercise and Fitness

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China industry spotlight: Exercise and Fitness

Who doesn’t wish they could run a marathon or were a professional dancer? But exercising that much takes a lot of work and time! Today’s exercise industry tries to make exercise as fun and interesting as possible. Take Zumba for example. Who wouldn’t like to lose a few pounds by shaking them away to a catchy beat. The hour-long dance class goes by quickly and is still easy enough for people of any dance ability. Yoga and Pilates have been going strong for several years now. And of course there is always the gym which provides swimming, sports and a variety of machines and weights to work every area of the body. Those interested in the exercise and fitness industry can get involved in several ways. One possibility is come up with your own new form of exercise! Work for a company that sells fitness equipment or become a trainer or instructor at a gym. You could also become an athletic trainer or coach however this usually requires years of personal experience in the particular sport. 

China has a long ways to go in developing their fitness industry.

The majority of Chinese people are not accustomed to going to gyms hence the plentiful outdoor equipment found in Chinese parks. Gym memberships are also sort of a luxury and until recently many Chinese didn’t have the extra income to support such extravagance. However, the more discretionary income they have and the more they see other people joining the exercise phenomenon the more likely they will too. Chinese people have a long history of getting exercise in their daily activities such as walking, biking and dancing with the neighbors at night. However, the use of weights is still a bit foreign to them.

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  • Assist in public trainings about fitness and exercise
  • Research the fitness industry in China
  • Work with clients to determine their needs and interests
  • Stay up-to-date on exercise safety basics 
  • Learn a variety of options for exercising
  • Maintain databases
  • Produce and edit presentation materials


Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a Bachelors in sports exercise or physical therapy. More than anything, a fit body and good customer service is needed.  

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