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China Industry Spotlight: Network Security

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Industry Spotlight: Network SecurityThe Sony hack in 2014 as well as other recent hacks into huge well-known companies has everyone taking a much closer look at their network security. As a result, technology must advance and experts in network security will be in high demand. What does the future hold for making sure networks stay secure? Many companies are increasingly turning to biometrics. Several companies are already requiring finger or eye scans in order to access important information, but this area is sure to advance in the near future. Cloud services and SDN/network virtualization will also continue to be a growing area that network security teams will need to keep a close eye on. Tougher encryption and application-centered networking will also be key for security personnel as they come up with new security recommendations to adapt to advancing technologies and new threats.

With all of these changes, user education will be a big part of the network security team’s workload. All in all, demand for this industry is on the rise and competition is increasing. Gartner says the $70 billion dollar Global Security Market grew by 9% in 2013 and that number is expected to jump in the coming years.

Like any country, China is not immune to cyber attacks. Companies and individuals in China are also very focused on improving their network security. While it is currently difficult for foreign security companies to compete in the Chinese market due to national security concerns, private Chinese companies are constantly on the lookout for new IT talent and are hiring competent foreigners to safeguard the data in their current network infrastructure. More and more Chinese companies are selling abroad and they may be unfamiliar with global security risks. Learning how other countries react to security threats is extremely valuable information as these Chinese companies start operating abroad.

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  • Assist the IT security department with analytics and researching network vulnerabilities
  • Test the network security system and current procedures
  • Develop new security measures as needed when security breaches occur
  • Recommend future security strategies and procedures as well as a security reporting system
  • Project assistance as needed

Experience and qualifications

Preferably a graduate with a Bachelors in an IT-related major. Some experience with IT infrastructure is required. You should be a self-starter, analytical and innovative.

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