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If your child has decided to intern in China, how can you help their transition to this exciting and fast paced country? Here at Gi2C Group, we’re dedicated to helping your child receive the support they need to begin their life in a new country. However, you can also help them prepare prior to departure. Here are a few ways to make sure they have everything they need:

  1. Make sure they have a valid passport and China visa. Make a copy of their travel documents in case they lose it. 
  2. Make a communication plan so that you don’t worry about not hearing from them for a long period of time. Think about getting them a VPN so that they can access Facebook and other websites while in China. Check with their current phone plan to see if they have international coverage or simply get a new number in China and call internationally via Skype or other free communication apps.
  3. Discuss any physical health concerns with your family doctor if your child needs to take medication on a regular basis. Make sure your child has international health insurance for emergencies. Check that your child has a plan for where to go for urgent care.
  4. Make a budget or financial plan with your child so that they don’t run out of money. Check with your bank about international fees for transferring money and if your child’s current bank account can be accessed in China.
  5. If your child has any allergies or food restrictions, they will need to be very careful eating out at Chinese restaurants as they won’t always be able to know exactly all the ingredients that are in each dish.  Make sure they know tap water in China should be boiled first. Bottled water is safe to drink.


Now that you’ve helped your child prepare, how are you going to cope without them?

  1. Use the extra time alone to educate yourself about China and better understand what they will be experiencing.
  2. Rest assured that they have a support system in China and that China is a very safe place to live. However, there are few violent crimes and your child should pay attention to their belongings at all times when outside. Many Chinese people wear their backpacks on their chest instead of their back in the subway and buses to avoid petty theft in crowded areas.
  3. Know that they are having an experience of a lifetime and will come back with a better understanding of the world. Experience is the best teacher.

If you’d like to discuss any other concerns you have about your child living in China, we’d be more than happy to talk with you. Please contact us.