Since 2008, we have connected over 3500 students, graduates and young professionals just like you with some of the best international and local companies in Beijing and Shanghai.


Why Intern in China?

Jumpstart Your Career

Jump Start your career in China
  • Gain invaluable international work experience
    • A Gi2C internship in China opens the door to your dream job. Having international work experience abroad makes your CV stand out from the rest. Successfully complete your Gi2C internship and use your company recommendation letter and connections from one of today’s fastest growing economies to get a great job anywhere in the world.
  • Explore the benefits of a multicultural work environment
    • Working with multicultural teams is essential in today’s borderless business world. While you are interning in China, you will not only be exposed to Chinese culture, but will also work alongside expats from around the world.
  • You are in demand in China
    • Young, multi-lingual, international professionals are in demand in China. Gi2C interns finish their internships and start their careers in China with an average salary of USD $2000-4000 per month. By spending a couple of years working in China, you’ll gain a true understanding of the Chinese business culture and language.


A Profitable Investment

Earn back your program internship fee

Your Gi2C internship program fee may very well pay for itself in one or two paychecks
after you start full-time employment.

Can I afford to jumpstart my career and intern in China? Yes, you can!

Life in China is very cheap


Memorable Life Experience

  • An internship in China is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore Asia and experience a different culture as well as expat life.
  • Interning in China will bring new people into your life, people from different cultures and countries who will become your good friends and maybe even your soul mate. The professional connections you make while in China will absolutely be useful in your future career!
  • A China internship begins a new page of your life. Interning in China is the perfect way to have a fresh start in a country where nobody knows you which means you can finally be free from any social pressure. You can finally be yourself.

What Can I Do After My Internship?

  1. Get a full-time job offer from your placement company and start your professional career here in China.
  2. Go back to your country and get the job of your dreams with the work experience and recommendations you’ve acquired in China.
  3. Establish your own business in China or become a representative of a Chinese company in your own country.
  4. Become a Gi2C representative in your home country by working with us and telling people about your Gi2C internship experience.



How To Get Started? It’s Easy

  1. Fill out the application form on the right.
  2. Conduct a Skype interview with a Gi2C Internship Program Consultant.
  3. Accept your internship placement.
  4. Apply for your China visa with advice from Gi2C and pay your program fee.
  5. Fly to China and start your internship!


Then enjoy your time in China with Gi2C!

  • Attend a Gi2C orientation meeting and city tour to get your bearings
  • Have fun at Gi2C intern social activities such as KTV and bowling nights, a welcome dinner, and business, cultural and expat community events
  • Relax knowing Gi2C is here for you. Start your international work experience at your new company in China with on-site support as needed from Gi2C



What industries and Gi2C services are available? 

Available Industries

  • Finance
  • Marketing, PR & Advertising
  • International Business & Consulting
  • Architecture and Interior design
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • International Trade
  • NGOs & Charities
  • Legal
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Arts
  • IT / Graphic Design
  • Green Companies and many more.

What Will Be Provided*

  1. Paid Internship placement
  2. Mandarin classes
  3. Accommodation
  4. Airport pickup

  5. Welcome package
  6. Visa assistance
  7. Orientation and city tour

  8. Business, cultural, networking events
  9. On-site support
  10. Karaoke night (KTV)

  11. Charity activities
  12. Volunteering day
  13. Certificate upon completion

* The Premium package is inclusive of the Standard package + the extra perks highlighted in bold

Information for all interns: We are proud to announce that starting from the 1st of Oct. 2015 Gi2C Group together with East&West International Education are now able to offer help by allocating part time jobs that can pay anywhere from 2000 - 6000 RMB monthly. This way your living expenses and the cost for the program can be mostly covered. The job is mainly to proofread and translate documents, teaching, tutoring or some other admin work. The monthly allowance will depend on the amount of hours interns can work.



  1 month 2 months 3 months
Premium Package USD $3,198 USD $3,598 USD $3,998
Standard Package USD $1,198 USD $1,598 USD $1,998
Top 500 Package USD $3,698 USD $4,398 USD $5,598

* The program fee must be paid in full by the intern before arriving in China