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Gi2C Hong Kong internships get rave reviews from our interns who say Hong Kong puts New York to shame. The hustle of Hong Kong is 24/7 and those who intern there are never bored. The quality of Gi2C HK internships is second to none.

If want a truly international career and can handle the fast pace of Hong Kong, we invite you to come compete for limited placements with our Hong Kong partner companies. Having established relationships with companies big and small, local and international since 1996, Gi2C is ready to offer you the experience of a lifetime.

How to intern in Hong Kong China with Gi2C

Given its status as a global financial center, Hong Kong is home to some of the world’s best minds in investment banking, finance and accounting. Architecture, interior design and the arts are also flourishing in this city of seven million people. As a result, the networking opportunities are ripe for the picking. Whether your Hong Kong internship is for a year or even a couple of months, you’ll meet like-minded talent from, China and from around the world and have the chance to expand your pool of professional contacts.

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The shopping is also some of the world’s best and caters to all budgets, from high end down to bargaining for goods at the market. The food is predominately southern Chinese and Cantonese cuisine and is affordable – and scrumptious! Plenty of sites – from temples to breathtaking skyscrapers, from the city’s own Disneyland to burgeoning neighborhoods that rage cool – are enough to keep your senses beyond tantalized. Hong Kong is even home to the world’s longest escalator! Need 50 reasons why Hong Kong is the world’s greatest city? Read this.

Financial internship in Hong Kong with Gi2C

The opportunities for travel, too, are endless. Hong Kong is situated just south of Guangdong Province, one of China’s most populous. There are countless flights from the Hong Kong to all corners of China, including nearby Hainan Province, home to the country’s best beaches and a popular holiday destination. Taiwan – where some of the Asia-Pacific’s best food and friendliest people can be found – is a short and inexpensive flight away.

While Hong Kong is the back door to China, the city is the front door to Southeast Asia, a region widely diversified in language, culture, politics, religion and travel. The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are all within reasonable flying times. With Hong Kong straddling North and Southeast Asia, you’ll never tire of wide array of travel options.

Historical Sights In Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s long history as a British colony is obvious and you’ll enjoy more familiar comforts than elsewhere in Asia. To top it off, 70% of the population speaks English. There’s no better city than Hong Kong to gain China and international experience. If you think global, you’ll work global and eventually grow global!

Nightlife in Hong Kong

It wasn’t too long ago that Hong Kong was described by the acronym FILTH: Failed in London, Try Hong Kong. Today, that no longer rings true. Although London remains a center for global finance, Hong Kong has surged to the fore of elite global cities, largely thanks to its free economy (one of the freest in the world) and China’s rise. Headhunters are busier than ever relocating folks from Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific to Hong Kong. Once a colony of the United Kingdom, Hong Kong has developed a reputation of its own and is attracting a record number of British and international talent to its shores.

Taxes are low, English is widely spoken, transportation is efficient, the lifestyle is unparelled, the professional opportunities are limitless. Hong Kong has it all.

Hong Kong awaits.