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Internships in Shanghai are always in great demand. Why? Primarily because Shanghai has become China’s financial center where all of China’s banks and the Shanghai Stock market are based. Business Finance and banking interns mostly want to intern in Shanghai to be close to the action and to network in the international IB and VC markets. Shanghai is also home to China’s largest expat community, a tradition going back to the 1930s.


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When you intern in Shanghai you will discover that Shanghai is China’s largest oceanfront city of over 22 million people. The romantic HuangPu river divides the city into two districts, Puxi and Pudong, and Gi2C’s Shanghai office is located in the heart of Pudong’s banking center.


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Shanghai internships are always the most fun for couples as this is one of China’s most romantic cities, with a European flair to boot. China international internships in Shanghai are challenging for our interns, who report they are always kept busy and never expected so much work as an intern.


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If you love to eat, then Shanghai is a foodie’s heaven. Home of the famous XiaoLongBao dumplings, Shanghai’s mix of international and Chinese cuisine will keep your taste buds endlessly titillated. And because Shanghai is on the sea (‘Shanghai’ literally translates to ‘on sea’), you’ll find an infinite array of seafood options, including the local delicacy Shanghai hairy crab. While Shanghai’s local fare is scrumptious enough, the high number of expatriates – European, North American, Japanese and Korean – means there’s no shortage of international cuisine. The restaurant scene in this Chinese metropolis is growing and constantly reinventing itself, meaning you’ll never get bored of Shanghai’s tasty offerings. There are also options to suit every budget, so whether you’ll scrimping by or ready to splurge, Shanghai’s kitchen awaits.


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Sites, too, are in no short supply in Shanghai. The world-famous Bund is a waterfront museum of European architecture that includes banks, hotels, high-end fashion and more. The Bund is most impressive at night when it’s lit up; the daytime is best to admire the splendid design of its Art Deco and Gothic Revival structures. Modern architecture, too, is most impressive in China’s financial capital, leaving you to gaze in awe at the glass and steel phenomena of the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower. Temples, gardens, museums and art galleries are in plenty, dotted around Shanghai, to satisfy those urges for modern or historical culture when they hit.


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Shanghai’s nightlife is diverse for those who like to go out for some cocktails and a night of dancing. The variety of nightclubs and “KTVs” (karaoke bars) are plentiful. This metropolis is China’s business centre and work days are typically longer in Shanghai. But those who work hard tend to play harder as well.


Shanghai, located along China’s eastern seafront, is well situated for excursions, whether for day trips or longer. The city is also a transport hub, with an astounding number of domestic and international flights and high-speed trains connecting you to some of China’s must-see destinations. Scenic Hangzhou, the former capital of Nanjing, the garden city of Suzhou and the water towns of Jiangsu Province are all within reach. Shanghai is the perfect city to satiate your pangs for travel and exploration inside the Middle Kingdom.

Shanghai is now the world’s wealthiest city according to Forbes magazine. It is home to China’s film industry and most Chinese movies are filmed in Shanghai and/or Hong Kong. Of our interns placed in Shanghai more than 95% gave the city top ratings for comfort, safety, and convenience.

Cosmopolitan Shanghai is now China’s fastest growing city and the new growth provides great career opportunities for those willing to learn Chinese or join international teams as the English speaker. Those who are bi-lingual are in great demand. Average salaries in Shanghai are 15,000 yuan per month – the highest in China.

Once you’re in, the networking opportunities are endless. Industry events, local and international conferences and other cocktail occasions are countless, allowing you the opportunity to expand your network and list of contacts. Everyone in Shanghai is looking to connect, so meeting new people, whether Chinese or foreign, is easy. Gi2C Group also informs you about upcoming networking events, and we encourage all our interns to attend. Shanghai’s growth is expected to peak in late 2015, so those who take advantage now are poised to reap the most career benefits.


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