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* If you couldn't find a suitable vacancy, please Contact Us and we will do our best to help you find China internships that matches your requirements!

China internships will help you to experience living and working in a vibrant Asian setting. It will be a challenge to adjust to the Chinese culture, let alone a new working environment, but this unique international perspective will give you the upper hand in your future career. Potential employers will recognise your strength of character and determination to rise to challenges and face them head on. You can even pick up some Mandarin language skills along the way. Imagine how impressed prospective employers will be when they look at your CV and their eyes are drawn to your professional experience in the largest emerging market in the world: China!


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As China`s Oldest International Corporate Registrar we have currently helped over 3,000 Foreigners get Internships/Jobs in China since 2008. Applying for an Internship in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong is a great way to launch your international career. If you find an Internship in China that appeals to you, we`ll be sure to Guarantee you a placement in that sector within 45 days. You’ll find placements ranging from Marketing, Business Development, Finance, International Trade, Architecture and Interior Design, Media, PR, IT, Graphic Design and Many More...

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