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Office Assistant for an NGO

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    • Beijing
    • China


    2-3 Months
  • Ref. No.: 423
  • It’s a great opportunity to work for a World famous NGO and a full time position can be offered for a prospective candidates.

    About the Company

    Our organization has protected wildlife and pets around the World for more than 35 years. Working in more than 57 countries, we create positive change by exposing cruelty and pioneering sustainable solutions to animal suffering. We also act for wildlife and pets at a global level, using our consultative status at the UN to make sure our message is heard: that the lives of animals are inextricably linked to our own, and now more than ever is the time to stop their suffering.

    The company set office based in Beijing in late 2006. With the idea of “In China, for China”, it works closely with the individuals, businesses, organizations, communities, and the government to build a beautiful China where animals and people live in harmony. Our diverse work in China, including animal welfare education, humane and sustainable agriculture, wildlife protection and “Red Collar” rabies control projects, is being carried out to construct a better life for animals and the people.

    Job description

    Logistic Support 45%
    1. Assist with duties assigned by Country Director
    2. Assist with office daily routine operation, including but not limited to phone coverage, set up conference calls, office supply purchase and mailing.
    3. Assist HR & Admin Manager to process routine work within the department

    Interpretation & Copywriting support 40%
    1. Assist in document/correspondence draft and polishing as requested
    2. Content draft for articles, publications and brochures etc. in line with the company message guideline;

    Project Research & Analysis Support 10%
    1. Assist in project team on information collection and preliminary editing to support project progress.

    Others 5%
    1. Assist in other duties as required.


    1. English native speaker with bachelor degree;
    2. Education in animal science related fields;
    3. A positive communication with a “can do” attitude;
    4. Able to deliver under pressure;
    5. Drive, creativity and enthusiasm;
    6. Loyalty, integrity and respect for others;
    7. Sensitive to a multicultural environment, social and cultural issues
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