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Web Developer Internship
  • Ref. No.: 559
  • 1. Inters will have the opportunity to be in charge of working on projects from beginning to end which will increase their confidence and independence;

    2. Inters will learn how to work tightly as a team as components of the projects are directly related to different departments;

    3. Interns will have to use their imagination and creativity to produce material from scratch and differentiate the company from other competitors;

    4. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in the building up of a new company; consequently they will be aware of the mechanisms that are involved in developing an organization and will understanding the process of building a company from bottom to top. Ultimately, they will get a sense of pride in themselves and increased confidence to undertake similar projects;

    5. Interns will have the opportunity to touch different fields such as art, literature and technology which will make them more versatile and discover what they might want to do in the future.

    About the Company

    Our training center is a new company founded by a French-Canadian. In a warm and welcoming environment, we provide language training through different programs that help students develop confidence in order to improve their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills with no fear.

    With the inclusion of cultural activities, applied and performing arts, they encourage their students to think by themselves and use their creativity so they can speak fluently and proudly.

    Job description

    Your daily duties and responsibilities shall consist of, but not limited to the following:

    1. Develop and create a simple but yet creative website from scratch ensuring optimization and functionality;
    2. Write coding to have videos, animation and online courses while developing new technologies;
    3. Create a staff website working with a database and information system;
    4. Work closely with the marketing team to create innovative online promotion ideas and design;
    5. Collect text documents and images;
    6. Update the website’s content on a regular basis.


    1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields;
    2. Fluent English, oral and written;
    3. Strong computer, written and presentation skills;
    4. Willingness to always update professional knowledge;
    5. Good interpersonal communication skills;
    6. Good sense of organization and disciplined;
    7. Excellent work ethics.
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