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Mandarin Chinese Lessons

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Level 1

Vocabulary: 300-500

Acquired vocabulary involves the communications of daily life, including communicating with store clerks, restaurant staff, taxi drivers, etc.

Level 4

Vocabulary: 3000-3300

With an advanced vocabulary at their disposal, students in Level 4 will be able to discuss current affairs and offer advice on a variety of topics.

Level 2

Vocabulary: 800-1000

By the end of this level, students will be able to better express their feelings and their likes and dislikes, particularly when it comes to the goods and services learned in Level 1. For example, if a purchased product has a defect, you will be able to comfortably communicate the problem with a merchant.

Level 5

Vocabulary: 4500-4800

The focus at this Level will be on culture, its expressions and differences between cultures. Students will be able to express their views on culture in an authoritative manner.

Level 3

Vocabulary: 1500-1800

With an already sound vocabulary base, students at this Level will learn vocabulary and phrases to explain interests and hobbies, engage in friendly conversation and express personal opinions on some topics.

Level 6

Vocabulary: 6000-6500

By the end of this Level, students will have achieved a high proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and will be able to easily express themselves to native Chinese speakers. Students can also tackle particular ideological and abstract issues.



China means business. At Gi2C, our Business Chinese class introduces you to the world of business in China, its culture and its many nuances. The way business is carried out and settled in China is unlike other parts of the world, and understanding the important differences is key to a successful career working in the Middle Kingdom or with Chinese people. Some topics in the course may include accounting, finance, negotiation conduct and workplace culture. Students will also learn industry-specific terms and phrases related to international trade, negotiating, banking, customer service, etc. Our Business course is one of our finest at Gi2C and is always in popular demand. With Gi2C, you’ll gain an all-encompassing understanding of China’s complex business world, giving you the tools to navigate its often choppy waters.



With between 100-800 hours of Chinese learning, students are eligible to take the HSK Basic. For those with 400-2000 hours of study, the HSK Elementary-Intermediate is recommended. The final test, the HSK Advanced, is for those who have over 3000 hours of Chinese courses and learning.


1. Applicants of HSK

The HSK Basic is for learners that have a basic knowledge of Chinese and have only taken about 100-800 hours of Chinese Learning. The HSK Elementary-Intermediate class is for people that have taken 400-2000 hours of Chinese courses. The HSK Advanced is for people that have taken over 3000 regular hours of Chinese learning.


2. Functions of HSK Certificates

  • - Testament that the student has a sufficient proficiency in the Chinese language to enroll in college or university.

  • - Exempts student from enrolling in Mandarin learning courses while simultaneously pursing a specific field of study.

  • - Indicates to employers the proficiency level of job candidates.

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