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Media Coverage

China’s local news media has taken notice of the growing intern industry in China and has often featured our company in their related news stories. Here are some samples of the media exposure we were given over the last 5 years. If you would like to include Gi2C in a news article or blog about China's business environment, please submit a media request (link the words "media request" to mail to address for info@Gi2C.org). If you want to learn more about Gi2C our Internship Programs and the interns’ experience at Gi2C, feel free to contact us for more details.
Putting talent on the fast track - Gi2C

In China, it is easier to make career advances and gain promotions than in the West. Knowledge of the Chinese language and culture will bring in added bonuses for career professionals and that is why it is not uncommon to see young Western professionals drawing up ambitious China plans.

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Foreign interns seek experience in Chinese firms

More foreign youths are seeking internships in China as the country's economic growth remains robust and businesses become more open to foreign interns. Katherine Harris, from Britain, is a university student majoring in risk management. She came to China in May and has just completed an internship as a research specialist at the Beijing-based British Chamber of Commerce in China.

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Bright-eyed foreign graduates

Elizabeth Thomas works as an intern at the Beijing-based Globe-Law law firm on June 24. Photo: courtesy of Get in2 China Group Ltd.

As the unemployment epidemic still spreads around the globe, leaving millions of young people out of work, more and more recent graduates are finding jobs through "backdoor" internships in China.

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BBC News - Gi2C

Once a university degree was seen as a passport to a good job, but today, with more graduates chasing fewer vacancies, that is now far from guaranteed.

A growing number are turning to unpaid work or internships, with some heading as far afield as China, in an attempt to make their CVs stand out from crowd.

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CRI - China Radio International - Gi2C

Thomas Araneta first came to China in May 2011 during his junior year of college to assist on an MBA program.
Now Thomas calls Beijing home and works as an internship program officer for an organization called 'GetIn2China' which brings interns from all over the world to gain experience in China in a range of areas from banking to art galleries. 

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We sat down with Katherine Harris, a former Get in2 China intern who was placed with the China-Britian Business Council for an internship in Beijing. We put 60 seconds on the clock and asked her as many questions as possible about her experience in China.

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Getin2China was recently featured on China Central Television.

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Peoples Daily Online English - Gi2C

Beijing, Nov.21 (People's Daily Online) -- In sharp contrast to the economic recession and massive lay-offs in Europe and the United States, China's fast-paced development has created a favorable job market. And it has been an attractive place for foreigners during the global economic crisis. To be employed in a company operating in China is the greatest opportunity to learn first-hand how business is done in this country. Nevertheless, China's unique and specific culture and mentality are usually significant obstacles on the way to success.

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China Daily USA - Gi2C

Amid the global financial crisis and mass unemployment in major economies such as Europe and the United States, China with its strong economy attracts more foreigners to come find jobs.

Figures released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security also showed that 231,700 foreigners were employed in China at the end of 2010, compared with 223,000 in 2009. And the trend is likely to continue in 2011.

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Chinese Weekly - Gi2C

1) 赴华实习生留在中国“淘金”.

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