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Gi2C International Internships in Beijing and Shanghai China have the highest job conversion rate in the industry (76%) and for the past six years our clients have given us a 94% approval rating. This is no coincidence. We pride ourselves on a customized 12-point matching system to ensure that our interns receive individual attention and interviews to ensure that they receive meaningful internships related to their career field preferences and/or academic training.

Our corporate clients select our interns based on our recommendations and their own assessments based on the overall candidate pool candidates and their qualifications. 67% of our corporate clients use our services more than 3 times per year and 45% of them have referred us to their clients.


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We have two general types of corporate sponsors… Those looking for long-term employees born from internships, and those just willing to help foreign interns complete their curriculum requirements with 90 day internships. However all of our clients expect an honest day’s work from all of our interns and interns that are punctual, reliable, and responsible. Our job at Gi2C is to see to it that all parties benefit from this symbiotic relationship. We certainly do not want to be embarrassed and after almost six years in China, we seldom are. Your honesty is critical to our career placement evaluations. Roughly 35% of our applicants qualify for the China international internship program.


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We also have comprehensive programs that include language and cross-cultural training courses as well as weekly activities and monthly networking opportunities. Even those not looking to reside permanently in China can make valuable business contacts with our Executive program, which includes business training, negotiations training, and introductions to local business groups and leaders. Our all-inclusive China internship program is the most popular and aside from airport pick, accommodations, and welcome dinner, also includes day trips, Mandarin Chinese language training, business networking activities and a variety of local social events. This program gives our interns maximum immersion into China’s diverse, traditional, and contemporary culture.


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Whatever your specific needs may be, Gi2C has an internship program package to meet those needs. We strive to make your visit or stay in China a smooth, fun, safe, and problem-free transition. All of our staff are mostly foreigners like yourself (click here to meet our team) and we too have previously been in your shoes. You will benefit from both our past mistakes and our contacts. By the time your internship concludes you will understand why Gi2C is the internship leader in China with the highest approval rate. And your feedback and suggestions will make our China experience even better for the next group of interns to follow.


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We invite you to explore our website and contact one of our admission managers so that we can answer all of your questions and launch your international career – sooner than later. Now honestly, can you think of a better place to launch an international career than in China – the world’s strongest and fastest-growing economy? Opportunity seldom knocks twice on the same door, so we hope you can see the value of China internship programs before further visa restrictions puts an end to China’s best back door job opportunities. Remember, the best jobs in China are never advertised – they are reserved as rewards for hard-working interns.

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