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Gi2C Offers Guaranteed Internships at China's Top 500 Companies

Gi2C Offers Guaranteed Internships at China's Top 500 Companies - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
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BEIJING – Gi2C Group, an internship provider in China, has recently added a new internship program that guarantees an internship at one of China’s top 500 companies.  

Gi2C offers both standard and premium packages in addition to this newly added Top 500 package. Lucy Tokairin, Gi2C Brand Manager, said, “Regardless of what internship package our interns choose, they already have the chance to work at a top 500 company depending on their skills, background and internship interest. However, this new package doesn’t leave anything up to chance – it guarantees you will land the opportunity of working at a top 500 Chinese company, which looks great on a resume.”

Along with different packages, Gi2C offers a range of industries, which interns can choose from during their internship in China. They also select the duration between one to three months and their start date. Internships in China have been on the rise for several years and the trend should remain positive for years to come.  More and more Chinese companies continue to transition from domestic to international markets. While these companies are making this drastic change, they rely heavily on international interns and expats. 

As those outside of China become more familiar with Chinese brand names and top 500 companies, they will look for opportunities such as internships to work for these emerging enterprises. Gi2C’s Top 500 program will fill this need.  

More information about Gi2C’s new program can be found on their website