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Smear campaign against Gi2C Group

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Dear friends and alumni!

Over the past few weeks, we have fallen victim to a malicious Internet smear campaign started by one of our competitors to discredit the legitimacy of Gi2C Group.  In China, the practice of tarnishing your competitor’s reputation by unsavory means is, unfortunately, quite common and typically referred to as “black PR”. Black PR involves frequently posting erroneous and defamatory information against a company in order to hurt their business.  In our opinion, it is a form of cyberterrorism.

Long articles and fake reviews from the same users, claiming to have been former Gi2C clients who have been cheated by us, have suddenly started to appear daily on different websites that focus on traveling, studying or working overseas. The forum owner of one of the sites has stated that he has received more than 100 spam posts from the same IP address that is spreading lies about our company. These defamers are saying that we are a scam or fraud and are using our name, logo and business information to fabricate stories that are exactly that – stories.  Complete fiction. 

After completing a thorough investigation by our team, we wanted to bring this to your attention as soon as possible in order to protect our employees as well as past and future alumni. The slandering company who is attacking us doesn’t care about the personal damage they are doing as they post insulting, untrue information that includes personal information about our team members.  The dishonorable tactics engaged by our competitor demonstrates that cyberbullying exists everywhere, even at the corporate level. 

We don’t take this attack on our reputation lightly and hope that you will be able to differentiate fact from fiction. Take a look at our history. We have a track record that spans over six years and have successfully placed thousands of foreign interns, 2951 to be exact, in companies who are operating in Beijing and Shanghai. Our blog, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, contain years worth of factual intern reviews and useful China information. We have also been mentioned in the media numerous times over the years. Gi2C Group is an official member of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and the China-Britain Business Council. In sum, we are a legitimate business working hard to serve our customers. 

Our lawyers are in the process of bringing a civil lawsuit for defamation against the culprits who are behind this, but, as we all know, the legal process takes time and we need your immediate help to stop malicious links from spreading.  This isn’t just an attack against Gi2C Group. This is an attack against any ethical business that believes in fair competition. It is also an attack against those who believe the Internet should be a place free of hate and misinformation. 

What can be done to stop being manipulated by fake information on the web? We encourage you to do your research and talk to real people before accepting something as truth. When deciding whether to intern or work in China, we welcome you to talk not only us but also to our competitors and decide for yourself which company is best for you. Do your own investigation of the truth and if you have any questions, please give us a call, send us an email or stop by our offices in Shanghai or Beijing.  

As with any business, we have had many proud moments, but are by no means perfect. We are humans and we are working with humans which means from time to time, misunderstandings occur. Especially in our business as there are always multiple cultures involved! However, our mission is continually improve, fix mistakes or problems as they arise, provide the best possible internship experience in China and ensure our clients are satisfied with the service we provide. 

We greatly appreciate your continued support now and in the future. Several of our loyal alumni were the first to contact us that this problem existed. Thank you for your concern and dedication to righting a wrong.  Our message to everyone is simply this: if you see something on the Internet alleging some problem with Gi2C, please ask us about it! We have nothing to hide and encourage open and honest dialogue.  


Yours truly,

The Gi2C Team