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What Is Included In the China Internship Program?

What Is Included In the China Internship Program? - 4.3 out of 5 based on 18 votes
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Gi2C offers both standard and premium packages in addition to a newly added Top 500 package. Regardless of what internship package our interns choose, they already have the chance to work at a top 500 company depending on their skills, background and internship interest. However, this new package doesn’t leave anything up to chance – it guarantees you will land the opportunity of working at a top 500 Chinese company, which looks great on a resume.


  • 100% Guaranteed paid internship placement. Work time! Or rather, time to impress your new colleagues and shine at your host company! On your first day of work, a Gi2C staff member will accompany you to work, introduce you to people you need to know and help you get oriented with your new workplace.
  • Airport Pickup. Welcome to China!  Arriving in a country far away from home can be daunting, especially if you’re alone. Don’t worry! Gi2C will meet and greet you at the airport and whisk you off to your new home.
  • Welcome Package. We want you to hit the ground running in China and make your transition away from home as smooth as possible. Your Welcome Package Includes: a messenger bag, city map, SIM card for your mobile phone, transportation card with credit, pocket-sized language guide, personal notebook and business cards.
  • Orientation at Gi2C Office. There’s no better way to get an introduction to living and working in China than an informative orientation session at the Gi2C office. You’ll get the low-down on major tourist attractions, receive general tips for daily life and hear advice about how to make the most of your China internship program. You’ll also get a chance to meet and network with other interns, do some ice-breaking activities and head out for some site seeing.
  • Welcome Dinner. Time to partaaay! Eating, drinking and socializing await you at the Gi2C Welcome Dinner. It’s a celebratory feast of Beijing Duck, tasty xiaolongbao, baijiu and China’s best Tsingdao beer. We invite you to join us on this eventful evening!
  • City Tour. Worried about getting lost in some of the world’s largest cities? Wonder what major amenities, sites and other attractions await? Time to learn about your new home from the people who know it best – the locals. We organize tours from guides who know their stuff. It’s time to meet your city and embrace what China has to offer.
  • Mandarin Classes 16 hours/month . What better place is there to learn Mandarin Chinese than in China? Learning Mandarin will not only help you to navigate daily life, but it’ll add an impressive boost to your resume when or if you return home. Intern in China and study Mandarin too!
  • Visa document advice. In order to receive the proper visa to do an internship in China, all applicants must have an invitation letter from the sponsoring company. At Gi2C, we will: 
    • Provide invitation letter provided by internship company.
    • Answer questions clients may have about visa process.
    • Assist with filling out visa application (if needed).
    • Provide advice/suggestions concerning problems receiving a visa.

            BE AWARE: Applicants are responsible for covering any costs related to the visa application process. (See below)

  • Business, Cultural, and Social Events:
  • Major Attractions. When it comes to China, there are loads of them! Want to hike on the Great Wall? Sip a cocktail on top of Shanghai’s World Financial Center? Here’s your chance to experience what China has to offer – both past and present!
  • Charity or Volunteering Day. Here`s your chance to give back to the community. By volunteering with Gi2C, you can help make a difference in people's lives. It's a great way to give back and add something special to your resume'.
  • Karaoke Night (KTV). Your Chinese experience won’t be complete without a night of karaoke otherwise known as KTV.
  • Networking Events. We at Gi2C have been at it for a long time. That means we’ve built up an outstanding network of host companies in Beijing and Shanghai, and bring you access to HR managers, executives, and foreign, local entrepreneurs and other established people in the world of business and other fields. Discover and understand China’s dynamic – and ever-changing – business environment from those with on the ground experience.
  • Weekly/Monthly Social Events. There is no – absolutely no – shortage of things to see and do in Beijing or Shanghai. When it comes to culture, food, entertainment and nightlife, these two cities are tops. Gi2C keeps you up-to-date on the best bar, club, and restaurant offerings. We also organize weekly/monthyl events via email and Facebook for interns.
  • On-site Support.
  • Certificate Upon Completion.





  • Airplane Tickets. We suggest you to try and search reliable websites like and as these are great for finding some of the best deals online.
  • Travel Insurance. All interns should purchase their own travel insurance in case of an emergency for hospital stays and medications.
  • Medical InsuranceAll interns should speak to their local GP/physician and purchase their own medical insurance to ensure that they are fullycovered before arriving in China.
  • Visa fees. These fees vary depending on nationality, duration of stay and the type of visa that you have.
  • Study Materials. Costs for materials used for the Chinese language program are in addition to the monthly fee for the course that is offered.
  • School Registration Fee. $16 USD registration fee.

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